How to Get Facebook Dating Back After Deleting It: Android & iPhone

how to get facebook dating back after deleting

In this post you are going to learn how to get Facebook dating back after deleting it. Facebook dating was launched in 2021 as Meta’s effort to reduce the number of singles on Facebook. It has since gained widespread recognition and use. However, because this initiative is still very new to many who use it, they often get confused and are perhaps unable to use its functionality as intended. 

If you deleted your Facebook dating profile for one reason or another and are trying to get it back, This may seem impossible because Facebook does not allow you to do so unless you want a new one. Hence, in this article, you will learn how to get Facebook dating back after deleting it. 

How to get Facebook dating back after deleting it on Android

If you’ve tried doing this on your own and failed, that’s because Meta has made it so. Once you delete your Facebook dating profile, you can’t get it back again. You are only allowed to create a new one, but not immediately. Perhaps you’ve got connections and conversations you don’t want to lose; getting them back at all costs will definitely be your target. 

Follow the below hack steps on how to get Facebook dating back after deleting it on your Android phone. 

Hack 1: Let someone invite you

This method is the best and easiest way to get your deleted Facebook dating profile back. All you need to do is contact anyone you are connected with on Facebook dating to invite you to a conversation. Have the person do this:

  • Open Facebook dating
  • Click on settings.
  • Tap on “Share Love.”
  • Type in your account name or receive a link they will copy and send to you.
  • Now, when you’ve received the link, click on it; hence, it magically leads you to your deleted profile.
  • Try setting it up again.

Hack 2: Beat Facebook algorithm

If you tried the first hack and it didn’t work, though, it should ordinarily, or maybe you have no friend to send you an invite link, so beating the Facebook algorithm is your only option left. Since your aim of using Facebook dating is probably to get a date or find a life partner, now your account is gone but your Facebook account remains. Use it to get what you want. Here’s what you should do:

  • Open your Facebook
  • Go over to your profile.
  • Now, tap on “Edit Profile.”
  • Change your status to single.

The Facebook algorithm will start recommending profiles of single people to you so you can add them as friends. This works, trust me!

Hack 3: Get a new profile

You don’t have to continue worrying over a dating profile when you can get a new one and restart your journey towards getting a date. Having tried the above hacks and they turned out not to work, there is no need to fizzle out. I understand you may have some important conversations and connections you don’t want to lose; it’s quite understandable. If you deleted your Facebook dating profile not long ago and want to get it back, you have to wait 7 days. This Meta’s policy for Facebook dating

How to get Facebook dating back after deleting it on iPhone

How to get FB dating back after deleting it on iPhone. There’s actually no difference; the same way of getting it back on an Android device is the same way you did get it back on an iPhone. Just follow any of the three hacks to get it back.  For the web version, these hacks are not viable and might not work.

Why is my Facebook dating app not showing up?

Oftentimes, I have seen people ask this question. So I’m going to be providing answers to it. The first reason why your Facebook profile is not showing might be because you deleted it, and, perhaps you forgot you did. Use any of the three hacks to get it back. Another reason could be that your Facebook app is outdated. So, go over to Play Store or App Store and update it.

Other FAQs on Facebook

Bottom Line 

It is possible you deleted your Facebook dating app because you needed a break or due to life emotions. Trying to get it back after deletion can be difficult; Facebook doesn’t allow that. However, as people do say, there is possibility in every impossibility. You can still get it back if you follow this guide on how to get Facebook dating back after deleting it. I hope you find this article helpful. Visit again for more useful updates.

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