How to get 5000 Followers on Facebook Free | 2023 Tips

How to get 5000 followers on Facebook free

Do you want to know how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free for your business page? I understand your need for increased Facebook followers because, in this modern age, the businesses that thrive well are those with online and offline customers.

This article is targeted at people wanting to increase their followers on their Facebook pages to at least 5,000. So, if you are one of them, keep reading to find out.

Tips on how to get 5k followers on Facebook

There are several ways to get followers on Facebook pages, and I will share them here with you. Most of these steps are the basic steps you might know, but I have included third-party websites where you can find real Facebook followers. Read till the end and let me know in the comments which method works best. If you have been searching for how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free, here are the many ways to achieve that;

Invite people to like your Facebook page

The traditional way of inviting people to like your page still works well. You can send invites to your friends on Facebook for them to follow your page. Invite as many friends as possible, and most importantly, invite your family to follow your page.

Post high-quality and engaging content that draws attention

After inviting all those people to like your page, what next? They are not going to visit your page just to view your icons. If you want them to keep visiting and even tell other people about your page, give them reasons to do so.

Put yourself in their shoes and ask if you would visit your page if the reverse was true. People will surely visit again when you post things they would like.

Go live

The third tip on how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free is to go live now and then. If you are selling a product, you can make a live video broadcast with your product. This has been known to generate lots of sales and increase followers.
When you go live with a product that so many people anticipate, it will undoubtedly excite people. You can even choose a particular time and day of the week to do the live videos.

Get the help of an influencer and Facebook ads

This tip can be free, depending on who the influencer is and what he/she stands to gain from partnering with you. When you get any influencer to tell his or her friends and followers to follow your page, it helps your follower base to increase.
But, I must tell you that if you are looking for how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free, you might not want to consider this option because influencers will always ask for a form of payment, but if you can afford it, give it a try.

Also, you can consider paying for Facebook ads. This will put your page on everyone’s news feed, creating more awareness for it and more followers.

Post more videos

Creating more video content is the fifth tip for getting 5,000 followers on Facebook that I will share with you today. People love nice and short videos, so you would be doing your page a huge favor by posting videos.

Engage your followers

This is all about building a good relationship with your followers. When you make a post, try to engage them in a discussion and get their opinions on your posts. When you connect your followers to a bigger community on Facebook, they will likely tell other people about your page.

Get your customers and other bigger Facebook pages to tag you

I have a friend in the fashion industry who always asks her customers to tag her page when they post wearing any of her brand items. This helped create awareness about her page and eventually led to increased followers.

You can ask your customers or clients to do the same, just like celebrities do when they credit a certain page for whatever they wear in a post.

On the other hand, you can post a picture of yourself with another brand product and tag the brand’s page. If you are not selling anything, you can just wear or eat something from a bigger page and post about it, tagging them. This can cause the page to feature your post. Since the brand has more followers to view its posts, your page will gain more publicity.

Post a viral content

Always look out for trending topics and make posts about them. Such posts will likely go viral and draw more attention to your page, which can result in more followers.

Host a giveaway

The last tip on how to get 5,000 followers on Facebook is to host a giveaway. Trust me on this, people love giveaways, and so long as your page hosts a giveaway, people will always visit it and even invite more people to visit and like your page.

Quickest-action tips on how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free

After going through all the shared tips on how to get 5000 followers on Facebook for free, you might feel that these suggestions are commonly found across the internet. It’s possible that you’ve even tried some of these tips without reaching the desired 5000 followers.

Well, your patience in reading through is about to pay off because I’m finished with the generic information. The next set of tips I’m going to share with you on how to get 5000 followers on Facebook are what I call the ‘quick action tips’.

So, if you’re weary of attempting the same generic tips that everyone is following to gain 5000 followers on Facebook for free, then these quick action tips are for you. I must admit that some of them are a bit technical, but if you are determined to swiftly gain up to 5000 followers, then it’s just another piece of cake.


What if I tell you that there are lots of websites out there that will help you to gain more Facebook followers, likes, comments, and even views? The first quick action tip on how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free is the use of SMMWAR. 

You can gain 5000 followers on Facebook in no time when you use SMMWAR. To do this, follow these simple steps.

  • Open your browser and type SMMWAR. Search for it. 
  • From your search result page, you will find the SMMWAR page, which is the first option. Click on it.

Facebook followers Free

  • You will land on the homepage which looks like the image above. On getting to this page, you will find lots of social media logos because it works on other social media apart from Facebook. Click on the Facebook icon and you will see a page that looks like the image below. 

Facebook followers


  • Now, click on the option that has to do with Facebook followers. 

Facebook followers FREE

  • You will be presented with an option to pay; click on FREE and insert the link to your Facebook page, then click Get.

  • Just wait for a few minutes, and the real followers will begin to follow your page. Keep in mind that the process of gaining followers here is gradual; you have to wait for a timer before requesting more followers, and they don’t come in bulk. In other words, you won’t receive 5000 Facebook followers all at once.

  • You need to keep clicking on Get to receive additional followers, making this tip on how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free a quick action.

  • If you are using SMMWAR, you can acquire up to 5000 followers at once, but it involves payment. Simply click on the Facebook logo that you saw when you first opened the site. However, if you prefer it for free, then you have to settle for a trickled-down following. Just follow these steps and remember to submit your links after the timer is over repeatedly.

#2 Followeran

Facebook Followers For Free

The second quick action tip on how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free that I want to share with you will only take you a few minutes to set up. Just open your browser and follow these steps:

  • Type ‘Followeran’ and search.

  • From the search result page, click on ‘Followeran’ – the link with the bold caption ‘100 free Facebook followers daily without login/verified’.

  • Once you open that page, click on Free Services, and you will be directed to select what you want, such as Facebook followers, Facebook likes, and more. Choose the Facebook followers option and follow the instructions to get more followers. This is a simple tip on how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free.

#3 Get Real Followers Fast Likes App

The third quick action tip on how to get 5000 Facebook followers free is to get mobile apps that help you grow your Facebook followers. Let me emphasize that it is not all the apps that claim to do this that I trust.

However, I have seen people using ‘get real followers fast likes.’ So, based on the results that all of them have achieved so far, I can recommend it. Just go to the Play Store if you are using an Android phone or the Apple Store for iPhone users. Type ‘get real followers fast likes’ and search.

Install the app and set it up by linking your Facebook page to the app. Follow all the simple steps to get 5000 followers in no time. If you Google search how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free, you may not find this app, but it’s there on the Play Store or Apple Store.

#4 Like4Like

Like4Like Facebook followers

The last quick action tip on how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free is to go through the Like4Like site. This tip may not be popular among Facebook users, but it’s very reliable. To ensure that you benefit from Like4Like, just like other people, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and search
  2. When you open the site, select ‘get likes and followers’ from the options.
  3. Next, you have to create an account with this site. Log in if you already have an account here.
  4. After creating your account or logging in, click on ‘add new social network page.’
  5. Lots of options are going to appear on your screen, such as Facebook page likes, Facebook page followers, etc.
  6. Since you are looking for how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free, click on ‘Facebook page followers.’
  7. You will find the ‘add new Facebook link.’ Click on it.
  8. You will be required to add a link to your Facebook page. Paste the link there.
  9. For Like4Like, you will be required to award your followers with coins. You can select to pay any amount of coin per follower. After this, click on ‘Submit.’
  10. This quick action tip on how to get 5000 Facebook followers free does not require you to buy coins when you run out of coins. You just have to like people’s posts to gain more coins. This will give you more coins to pay your followers with.

Other platforms you can try out are Linkcollider, YouLikeHits, MrPopular, and so on.

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In this article, I have talked about all the tips on how to get 5000 followers on Facebook free. These tips are tested and trusted, so you can use them and expect more followers. Remember, the 5,000 followers will not just appear on your page overnight. It is a gradual process that could take months before people will trust you enough to tell others about your page. Cheers to more followers.

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