How to Find Someone’s Facebook With Phone Number and Email

how to find someone's facebook with phone number

In this article on how to find someone’s Facebook with phone number, I will share with you easy steps and methods to go about it. Maybe you’ve been trying to find out the identity behind a number that has been anonymously texting or calling you, but you have only the phone number and email, and you’ve probably been wondering how to find someone’s Facebook with phone number or email. No need to worry too much, all you have to do is to keep reading this.

Apparently, Facebook is one of the biggest sites in the whole world that connects millions of people all over the globe. It is safe to say that about 99% of the world uses this site to connect with loved ones and family.

Sometimes, you get disconnected from loved ones and you plan to reconnect back on social media space via Facebook but you hardly remember their real names but voila! you have some recollections like their old phone number or email address.

Take the following steps below to learn how to find someone’s Facebook with phone number

Login to Facebook

Login to your Facebook via the Facebook mobile app. If you’ve not created an account, you can sign up here 

Make a search via the search bar

Once you’ve logged into your Facebook account, or you’ve created an account, the next thing you should do is to make a search via the search bar. If you are wondering how to find someone’s Facebook with phone number, then insert the phone number of the person. Then, some results will pop out.

Find your friend via the different category

Once you’ve made your search via how to find Facebook friends by phone number, different results via category will pop out. You would see some categories like “Group ”, “People ”, “Pages” and the rest of them. Then, make your search and choose the one you are looking for. 

How to Find Someone’s Facebook Using Email 

You may want to find someone on Facebook using email address for diverse reasons. It may be that you have no other means of contact than the person’s email address.

However, It’s not complicated to know how to find someone’s Facebook using email. It takes almost the same step on how to find someone’s Facebook using phone number only that you insert the email address on the search bar instead of the phone number.

Now after logging in, or signing up to Facebook, do the following steps instead:

  1. The next step is to input the accurate email address on the search bar. Popular email addresses used are via Google or Yahoo.
  2. Check out the results: Some search results will pop out. Since it is largely impossible for two people to use the same email address, you may find your results faster.

Note that nowadays people tend to take their privacy so seriously in order to prevent unpleasant situations. As a result, there may be some teeny – weeny sort of complexities while you make your search. 

Now, if you search via Facebook and you are unable to find someone’s Facebook with phone number or email, the best thing to do is to request such a person’s name. You can do that by asking the person directly and sincerely. Next is to make a Facebook Id search by name Searches.

How to find Someone’s Facebook Id on Mobile

Now that you know how to find someone’s Facebook with phone number, the next thing you may want to know is how to find someone’s Facebook Id on mobile.

A Facebook user ID includes the name, email, phone number, picture, and generally, everything that talks about the person. Of course, to get the Id, you can start on your mobile phone by doing a Facebook search by phone number android.

Yes, you can also find Facebook friends by phone number in case you don’t really have friends on the social media space. As stated earlier, search via the search box by including the number or you should do a name search.

Now, these are the steps to find someone’s Facebook id on mobile:

  1. Know the name of the person you want to search for 
  2. Insert the name via the search space: Check out the result for your choice. There is a high probability that many names will pop up because more than one person can bear the same name. Then target the pictures 
  3. Click on your desired result 
  4. Click on the profile and search.

The interesting thing is that you can also get the phone number of your favorite celebrity who doesn’t know you. Now, this is strictly how to get phone number from Facebook of an unknown person that you admire.

  • Head on to the person’s profile: To do this, click on the face icon on the right-hand side of the interface 
  • Go to the About page 
  • Check out their phone number via the Facebook phone number list or icon.
  • Get the phone number and use it in a respected manner.

Also, don’t forget that a celebrity may decide to protect their privacy by not revealing their phone number to the public. Don’t be sad about it, you don’t even need to worry about how to find someone’s Facebook with phone number anymore. You can always message them on their profile or page and leave kind words. Hopefully, you will get a sweet reply!