How to Record Facebook Live on Android: Step-by-Step Guide

how to record facebook live on android

Looking for how to record Facebook Live on android? Live streaming is one of the most effective ways for business owners and digital marketers to engage with their Facebook audiences. But what if you want to save that live video for future use or share it with your followers who couldn’t make it to the video session? 

In this post, we’ll discuss how to record Facebook live on Android.

But first, why is this relevant?

You may want to record a Facebook live video for many reasons. For example, you missed your favorite creator’s video stream or would like to re-watch a business event or tutorial. Whatever the reason, recording a Facebook Live video is an effective way to avoid missing relevant content.

Also, recording a Facebook Live video allows you to watch it at your own pace. You can pause, rewind, and fast forward as needed, making it easy to consume content.

How to record Facebook live on Android using the inbuilt feature?

Some Android devices have a free inbuilt future for screen recording. Here’s how to use it:

  • Open your phone’s settings and navigate to “System”.
  • Tap “Screen recorder” and toggle it on.
  • Open the Facebook app and start the live video you want to record.
  • Swipe down from the top of your screen to open the notification panel.
  • Tap the “Screen recorder” icon to start recording.
  • Once you’ve finished recording, swipe down from the top of your screen again and tap the “Screen recorder” icon to stop recording.
  • Your recorded video will be saved to your phone’s gallery.

Note: Not all Android devices have screen recording. If your device doesn’t have this feature, don’t worry – there’s another way to learn how to Record Facebook Live on Android.

How to Record Facebook Live on Android using a Screen Recording App

If your Android device doesn’t have screen recording, you can still record Facebook Live videos using a screen recording app. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Download a Screen Recording App

Google Play Store offers a wide range of screen recording apps. However, some of the most popular ones include AZ Screen Recorder, DU Recorder, and Mobizen Screen Recorder. They are free to download and easy to use.

Step 2: Open the Facebook App and Start Live Video

Next, open the Facebook app on your Android device and start a live video. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and are in a quiet, well-lit environment.

Step 3: Start Recording

Once your live video is ongoing, open the screen recording app you downloaded earlier. You should see a floating icon on your screen that you can tap to start recording. Depending on the app you’re using, you may have to enable specific settings or give permission for the app to record your screen.

Step 4: Stop recording and save the video.

After recording, stop the screen recording app and save the video. The video should automatically be saved to your device’s camera roll or gallery. You can then edit the video, add captions or music, and share it with your audience.

Other Ways to Record Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live videos can be recorded using other methods in addition to a screen recording app. Here are some options.

How to record Facebook video on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can use the built-in screen recording feature to record Facebook Live videos. Simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control Center, tap the screen recording button, and start recording.

How to record on PC or Mac

If you want to record Facebook Live videos on your computer, you can download screen recording software like OBS Studio. OBS Studio is free to download and easy to use.

How to record Facebook Video Calls

Screen recording apps mentioned earlier can also record Facebook video calls. Simply start a video call and record your screen.

How to screen record live on Facebook Online.

Use an online tool like Kapwing if you don’t want to download a screen recording app. Kapwing can record your screen and is also a free online video editor.

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Facebook live videos are getting more popular these days and are effective for communicating with a Facebook audience. 

Now that you’ve learned how to record Facebook live on Android, you can relive memories and save important videos for later so you don’t miss out on relevant content. Recording Facebook Live videos on Android is easy and can be done using a screen recording app. 

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