How Can I See Hidden Followers on Facebook 2023

how can i see hidden followers on facebook

You just landed on the right page if you are one of those asking how can I see hidden followers on Facebook. Because this article is going to guide you into uncovering the identity of all your hidden followers on Facebook.

Due to Facebook’s privacy policy, it does not show you all the followers of your profile or business page. But there are ways you can find out the people that are following you secretly. So, if you want to find out how to do this, keep reading.

Who are your hidden Facebook Followers? 

Before I dive into the answer to your question on how can I see hidden followers on Facebook, let’s talk about who the hidden followers are. Most of the people asking how can I see hidden followers on Facebook are also wondering who these hidden followers are. 

Hidden followers on Facebook can be anybody. Most times when we talk about it, it’s very easy for people to imagine a stalker, but that is not always the case. Some followers remain hidden because Facebook does not show you all your followers. You just have to understand how the Facebook algorithm works when it comes to showing you a list of your followers. 

They can also be those that you have decided to unfriend on Facebook because of one reason or the other. When you remove someone from your friends list and they are following your business page, they may become hidden followers. In the same way, most of the people who are not your friends but have decided to follow your page will most likely remain hidden. 

People that sent you friend requests are following you. Despite not accepting their friend requests.  

A Facebook user with a deactivated account, who still views your content will be a hidden follower. And lastly, your hidden followers can be bots. With the rapid rise in artificial intelligence, expect anything.

How to view Facebook followers on mobile 

Here are the steps that those asking how can I see hidden followers on Facebook can follow, to discover those following them secretly

  • Open Facebook and login to your account
  • Tap on the profile icon by the top right corner of your screen, to view your profile 
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Friends’ 
  • From the options, select ‘More’ to reveal more options
  • Click on ‘Followers’

These will show you all those hidden followers on your Facebook profile. But, it may be hard for you to figure out the hidden followers there because Facebook will not label any of your followers ‘Hidden’ 

So if you feel that this does not provide enough answer to your question, how can I see hidden followers on Facebook? Then you can take it a step further by clicking on the mutual friends of your followers. Mutual friends are usually friends to both of you. 

So having a mutual friend with someone on Facebook means that the mutual friend may be following you secretly but it’s not a sure-proof. And another thing to bear in mind is that some hidden followers may not have any mutual friends with you. 

Apps to see hidden followers on Facebook

Another way for those looking for answers to how can I see hidden followers on Facebook is to use a third-party app. To solve the problems of trouble loading followers on Facebook. I have never been a huge fan of third-party apps because some of them violate users’ privacy. 

But I have to give it to some third-party apps that have been specifically designed to help those asking how can I see hidden followers on Facebook. These apps make it easier for you to view all the people following your profile and business page secretly. These mobile apps also answer questions on how to see followers on Facebook Android. 

Although some of the apps are not quite as impressive as others, the intriguing part of the impressive ones is that they offer detailed analysis to enable you to find out who just started following you, who has been following you for a while, and who just stopped following you. and provide answers to the question of how to see someone else followers on Facebook. 

I know that you want to quickly get it over with the answers to your question about how can I see hidden followers on Facebook. But remember that some of the third-party apps are not safe to use. Some of them end up gathering your personal information. 

Also, try as much as possible to read reviews on any of such apps, to get ideas about what you are getting into. An example of a recommendable app is Sortrender.

Control who can follow you on Facebook

The best way to avoid asking the question how can I see hidden followers on Facebook is to control who can follow you. To take control of your account and not allow any ‘unwanted followers’ follow these steps.

  1. When you log in to your Facebook account. 
  2. Click on ‘Public Post’
  3. Under the ‘who can follow me’ option, change the mode from ‘public’ to ‘friends’.

This will enable only your friends to follow you. So you don’t have to Google search how can I see hidden followers on Facebook? Or why can’t I see someone’s followers on Facebook just because you are looking for a mutual follower. 

FAQs on Facebook

How do I see hidden followers on Facebook?

You can either use a safe third-party app to get accurate results or visit your business page and click on ‘View All Followers’. This will show you the people following your page. 

Final Thought 

Now that I have answered your questions on how can I see hidden followers on Facebook, why can’t I see all my followers on my Facebook business page, and how to see my followers on Facebook. Do follow the steps here, to view your followers on your Facebook business page and even profile. And also control who can follow you.

You can also watch videos on YouTube, to see the practical ways to view hidden followers on Facebook.