10 Ways to Fix Facebook Search not Working

facebook search not working

Is your Facebook search not working on your Facebook app? Facebook, the biggest social media platform, is known to offer lots of amazing features, which is what interests its over 2.4 billion users, of which the Facebook search is one of such features. The search feature allows you to search for people, pictures, videos, places, and so on on Facebook. If you type in the correct prompt and it does not give you any search suggestion results, that means something is definitely wrong. So in this article, I’m going to discuss the 10 working ways to fix Facebook search not working issues.

Why can’t I search on Facebook app?

Before you try to fix anything, troubleshooting should come first. This will help you find out why you are facing such issues and, hence, give you hints on how to fix them. 

Often, Facebook search not working can happen because of the following: your Facebook app is outdated, you have a slow or poor internet connection, or your Facebook cache is corrupted. Installing the latest update from the Play Store or App Store might fix it in some cases and not in others. Hence, I will be discussing with you how to fix Facebook search not working issues, so that you can Facebook search friends again without hassles.

10 Ways To Fix Facebook Search Not Working On iPhone And Android

Oftentimes, we’ve seen people ask questions like, “Why is my Facebook search not working?” and want to know how to fix it so they can search for friends again. Here are the top 10 ways to fix Facebook search issues on both Android and iPhone.

1. Update your Facebook app

Sometimes what may fix the issue is to simply update your Facebook app. Using an old version of the Facebook app can not only restrict you from new features, but also cause you other functionality issues. So, to fix it, go to the Play Store or App Store, search for Facebook, and tap the update option.

2. Check your internet connection

In some cases, your internet connection might be the issue. Slow and poor internet connections can cause Facebook searches to not work or show no search suggestions. Ensure you have mobile data or are connected to stable WIFI connections, as Facebook search often requires a stable connection since it crawls different pages to serve you search suggestions. You can also try turning on and off airplane mode to see if that works.

3. Use Facebook on your browser to search

On many occasions, this works. Just use any good browser on your phone or computer, log in to your Facebook account, and try to see if it works.

4. Search on Google

If you try a number of fixing methods and still the Facebook search not working issue remains, just open your browser and type facebook.com/username. The username can be for a personal account or a page. Every Facebook account or page is indexed on Google, so you can get what you seek there.

5. Clear Facebook cache on your phone 

Facebook, like many other apps, accumulates cache, and when it does, it tends to slow down loading. Just go to app settings on your phone, tap Facebook, and clear the cache. When you clear the cache, you will need to re-login with your username and password.

6. Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app

This may solve it, as doing so on apps tends to eliminate bugs and glitches. Just open your launcher, long-tap the Facebook app icon, and click to uninstall. Then, open Play Store or Xender and reinstall.

7. Find out if it’s not a general issue

Facebook is such a big platform connecting billions of people, so once in a while the server faces downtime. If that’s the issue, then I suggest you wait for a couple of hours while it gets fixed.

8. Shutdown and restart your device

Restarting your device may be the solution. This is because hitches like this often happen as a result of phone programs running. Long-hold the power button on the side and select “Restart” if you’re using a mobile device.

9. Check if it’s not a Facebook restriction

Facebook rules have become very stringent these days; once you fail to adhere to any of its community policies, you might get banned from using some functionalities for some stipulated time. Perhaps, Facebook has restricted you from using the search bar; you can check on your support inbox.

10. Report to Facebook support

If you tried all these to fix the Facebook search not working issue, yet, got negative results, report the issue to Facebook support with a screenshot and a short message describing the issue. Go to the menu icon and select report a problem.

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Bottom Line 

The methods highlighted above should be able to fix your Facebook search not working issues. You don’t need to panic when you face the issue; just troubleshoot and fix it with any of these methods. I hope you find this helpful. Visit again for more useful updates.

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