Facebook Group Email Extractor: Easily Extract Email Adresses From Facebook

facebook group email extractor

Ever wondered how you can extract email addresses from a Facebook group? You can easily do this with a Facebook group email extractor. It is possible to extract both personal and professional emails and phone numbers from a Facebook profile with the help of different tools. In this article, I will cover all the best tools and extensions that you can use to extract email from a Facebook profile or group without the owners of the profile knowing. So keep reading to find out.

How to Extract Emails from Facebook Groups for Free 

There are lots of Facebook group email extractor tools that you can use to collect the email address of every member of your Facebook group. Some of them can extract from both public and locked groups. Also, most of them are free, and even the ones that require a form of payment offer free Facebook email extraction features too. To successfully extract email addresses from your Facebook group, just get any of the Facebook group email extractors in this post. 

Facebook Email Extractor Chrome Extension

All the Facebook group email extractors in this post are tested and trusted. They have all gained the reputation of being the best on the internet. So in no particular other, here are the best Facebook group email extractors in 2023. 

1. Email Extractor for FB Groups 

This Facebook group email extractor extension has to be downloaded on your desktop. Although it’s not compatible with mobiles, it doesn’t reduce its effectiveness in extracting emails. 

Pros of Email Extractor for FB Group 

  • It can be used to extract emails from both public and public groups. 
  • It can extract both the email address and the domain or company name attached to a Facebook user’s profile. 
  • It is free and very easy to use.

Con of Email Extractor for FB Groups

  • You need to be a member of the group before you can extract its emails.

How to use email extractor for FB group 

To enjoy all these features of this Facebook group email extractor, follow these steps;

  1. Tap on the official page of the email extractor for FB groups extension
  2. Select ‘Add to Chrome’
  3. Next, click on ‘Add Extension’ to add this Facebook group email extractor extension to your Chrome
  4. Open your Facebook profile from your Chrome
  5. At the top corner, you will find the extension icon, pin the icon
  6. Next, tap on the arrow (purple colored) 
  7. Create an account by entering all the required details, and refreshing the page
  8. Open the particular Facebook group you want to extract its members’ email addresses
  9. Open the people section in the group and click on ‘Scrape’ 
  10. When the scraping process is complete, tap on ‘View Data’ 
  11. Tap on ‘Unlock Data with Email’ 
  12. Click on ‘Download’ and your report will be saved to your computer.

2. Hunter 

Here is another nice Facebook group email extractor that gets the job done in no time. This Chrome extension is web-based, so it can be used to extract emails from any website. Little wonder lots of email marketers and recruiters use it. 

Pros of Hunter 

  • It gives you the email address of any website you open. 
  • You can also search for other information attached to the email address.
  • It allows you to search for people’s names and the email address attached to the names.
  • It is free, so long as you do not exceed 25 searches per month. 

Con of Hunter 

  • You must create a Hunter account before you can use it.

How to use Hunter

  • Since it’s a Chrome extension, open your Chrome browser and locate the Hunter email finder extension page. Add it to your Chrome browser 
  • Register and create your Hunter account 
  • Tap on ‘Extension’
  • Type the name you want to search for in the search box. And click on the + icon.

3. GetEmail.io

This Facebook group email extractor is web-based. So when you want to find the email address of anyone on the internet, GetEmail.io is one of those tools that can get the job done in a jiffy. 

Pros of using GetEmail.io 

  • It has a track record of being the best.
  • It gives you access to lots of information on a single email address.
  • You can use it for free.
  • You can send an email directly to a person from the report. 

Con of using GetEmail.io 

  • Extensive use of its features requires payment. 

How to use GetEmail.io 

  • Open your Chrome browser and click on the GetEmail.io page.
  • Tap on ‘Add to Chrome’
  • Open the Facebook page on your Chrome browser and log into your Facebook account
  • Search for the targeted Facebook group
  • Open the group and go to the ‘people section’
  • When you see the list of the members of the group, tap on the ‘Extension’ icon 
  • This will search for the email address of the group members and record them on the report. 

Other Facebook group email scrapers include Facebook email extractor V3.0 and Find Emails + Cell Phone Numbers in Seconds.

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Final Say 

In this article, I have talked about some of the best Facebook group email extractors that you can use to extract more emails for your ads and email listing. Choose anyone that works best for you. If you have a question on the Facebook group phone number extractor, the free Facebook group email extractor cracked, or any other question relating to this topic. Please feel free to reach me through the comment section. 

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