How to Add Donate Button to Facebook Page

add donate button to facebook page

Are you running a non-profit organization’s Facebook page and would love to add donate button to Facebook page? Indeed, Facebook is flooded with lots of good people who are dedicated to giving for the good of mankind and the entire planet. So if you are running a Facebook page that is dedicated to a good course but needs funds, you can ask for assistance from the millions of people on Facebook starting with the people on your page. Keep reading to find out how you can achieve this. 

How to add donate button to Facebook page 2023

To add donate button to Facebook page, follow these simplified steps 

  • Open your Facebook page and click on the ‘Edit Page Info’, just below the cover picture of your page. Before clicking on this, ensure that you are an admin, because it’s only admins that can add the donate button.
  • In the categories section, just below the general tab, type ‘Nonprofit Organization’. This will show you ’Nonprofit Organization’ from the dropdown list. Click on it and save the changes you have made. 
  • It is only for nonprofit organizations that Facebook allows the donate button on their pages. So, ensure that you are a nonprofit organization before editing your Facebook group info for this purpose. 
  • The next step on how to add donate button to Facebook page is to go back to the ‘+Add a Button’ button at the bottom of your page’s cover picture and click on it. 
  • Click on the option labeled ‘Shop With You or Make a Donation’. 
  • From the next dropdown options on your screen, select ‘Donate’  and tap on the ‘Next’ button.
  • You will be required to paste the link to the donation page of your charity organization or donation software as the case may be. Paste the link in the window and click on the ‘Save’ button.
  • Facebook will make the call-to-action donation button visible on your page, for all your visitors to see and make donations. Anyone that clicks on the button will be directed to the place you want the person to donate. 
  • Lastly for those that want to add donate button on Facebook page. Remember to generate a thank you message for anyone that donates to your organization. It will go a long way in telling every donor that your organization is grateful. 

PayPal donate button on Facebook 

Because Facebook is used by different people with different currencies, you can create a PayPal account for your charitable organization, and share your PayPal account link during the process of adding the donate button. If you live in a country where PayPal has placed restrictions, you can go for other international payment portals that work the same way as PayPal. 

Facebook donate button fees 

Facebook does not charge you to add a donate button on Facebook page, but some charges go into the processing of the payment, especially when you want to make a withdrawal, and also in maintaining the page administrative. So roughly 5% of the money will go into these costs. 

Facebook covers any other extra charge that you may incur on the platform as a way of supporting charitable organizations. Meta has also made it possible to add buttons on Facebook reels and add donate buttons to Instagram, to help charity organizations. 

Why doesn’t my Facebook page have a donate button? 

Before Facebook will approve a donate button on your Facebook page, it must be a verified charity organization. So if you have followed all the steps to add donate button to Facebook page, which I have provided here.  Yet, you still can’t see the donate button appearing. It means that your organization is not yet approved.

Other FAQs on Facebook


I know you probably want to add donate button to Facebook page after reading this article, but before going out to ask people to donate to your organization, ensure that it’s a charitable organization that has been approved because that is the only way Facebook will approve the donate button on your page. 

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