Everything You Need to Know About Conlog Prepaid Meter

Conlog Prepaid Meter

If you reside in Nigeria, you’re likely familiar with Conlog prepaid meters. These meters have gained immense popularity due to their quality and performance, earning them numerous positive reviews from users. However, as the number of Conlog meter users continues to rise, so do the reported issues. Most problems arise because users may not be entirely familiar with their meters. This article is your key to understanding and efficiently operating your Conlog prepaid meter at home without the need for a technician.

How to Activate Conlog Prepaid Meter

Upon installation, your Conlog prepaid meter won’t start functioning right away. This is an essential point to remember. Activation requires an activation code from the electricity distribution company that installed the meter. Usually, activation codes are sent within 48 hours post-installation. However, if you haven’t received one, you can visit the distribution company’s office to request it. Here are the steps to activate your Conlog prepaid meter:

  • Connect the User Interface Unit (UIU).
  • Check your meter number on your smart card. If it starts with 46 or 45, press your meter number on the UIU and then the ‘ENTER’ key.
  • If your meter number begins with 04, press #046# before entering your meter number, followed by the ‘ENTER’ key.
  • Proceed by inputting the first 20 digits of your activation code and press the ‘ENTER’ button. Wait for a moment.
  • Enter the remaining digits of your activation code and press the ‘ENTER’ key.
  • This sequence will activate your Conlog prepaid meter. If you’re uncertain, there’s a way to verify the meter’s status. Type #030# and wait. If your meter displays “600492” in response, it’s active. Otherwise, you may need to repeat the activation process.

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Meter Codes

Conlog prepaid meters are appreciated for their user-friendly codes that provide specific details about the meter. You won’t need to visit your electricity distribution company for every inquiry. Here are some useful codes you can use at home:

  • To check your meter number, press #100#. The meter number will appear on the LCD screen.
  • To determine how long the remaining units will last before your meter runs out, press #074#. The remaining estimated time before a disconnection will be displayed.
  • To check your balance, press “07,” and your balance will be shown on the screen.
  • To ensure your Conlog prepaid meter is only recording your household’s power usage, press #001#. If you’re the sole user, it will confirm this; otherwise, it will show that other parties are using the meter.
  • If your meter is disconnected for unknown reasons, you can check the cause by pressing #073#. The screen will display the reason for disconnection. If it’s beyond your control, you can contact a technician.

How to Recharge 

Once you’ve purchased a token, follow these steps to recharge your Conlog prepaid meter:

  • Press the 20-digit token number and the ‘ENTER’ button.
  • Depending on your Conlog prepaid meter model, you may need to press your meter number and # before entering the 20-digit token number and the ‘ENTER’ button.
  • For the newer Conlog prepaid meters, simply press the 20-digit token number, and your meter will automatically recharge without pressing the ‘ENTER’ button.

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Conlog Prepaid Meter Showing Spanner

Some users encounter an issue when their Conlog prepaid meter displays a spanner icon. This indicates that the meter requires a technician’s attention. In such cases, it’s crucial to contact your distribution company immediately. Do not attempt to uncouple the meter yourself or start pressing numbers. Sometimes, a 60-digit code is provided to resolve this issue, and in other instances, technicians are dispatched by the distribution company to address the problem.

Conlog Prepaid Meter User Manual

Conlog prepaid meters come with user manuals to assist installers in achieving a perfect setup. These manuals also help you navigate basic operations on your meter. If needed, you can also download the manuals online.

How to Check Debt on Conlog Prepaid Meter

If you run out of units, your Conlog prepaid meter will disconnect. Any debt you might incur relates to outstanding payments for your meter. To check your balance, visit your distribution company’s official website and log in. Use your credentials, select ‘View Bill,’ and enter your identification number and other required details. Your outstanding payment or balance will be displayed.


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These are some of the key aspects to know about Conlog prepaid meters, which have become one of the best choices in Nigeria. While no device is entirely flawless, this article equips you to tackle any potential issues as they arise. By applying the steps outlined here, you can enjoy the full benefits of your Conlog prepaid meter.

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