How to Track Down a TextNow Number: 2 Simple Ways

how to track down a textnow number

Are you looking for how to track down a TextNow number or an anonymous phone number? There are lots of different ways to track down a TextNow number. As a matter of fact, In this article, I will be sharing with you two working methods on how to track down a TextNow number and other related information that may be useful to you.

What Is A Textnow Number?

how to track down a textnow number

A TextNow number is a virtual phone number used to make free phone calls, and free SMS texting, and used to chat online using wifi or mobile data rather than subscribing to a network plan. Some people use this to save money and make international phone calls. Unfortunately, some other persons use it for fraud, which is often why many are interested in tracking a TextNow number they are conversing with to know the location of such persons as well as further determine if the person is real or suspicious.

Can You Track Down A Textnow Number? 

This question is asked by every TextNow user or anyone wanting to track a TextNow number. Here is my answer: If a crypto hacker can be tracked, how much less a TextNow number? Inasmuch as the Textnow number has been used to sign up for different accounts online or even dropped on social media, tracking it down is just as easy as tracking a regular phone number. There are also different online software that can help you track down a Textnow number in no time.

How To Trace A Textnow Phone Number

As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of options and methods on how to track down a Textnow number. However, I will be sharing with you two sure and easy ways to do it.

Using TrueCaller app

Truecaller is a caller ID detector app that is being used by many to detect the name of their caller, their location, and other relevant details. When you have the Truecaller app installed and enabled on your phone, any call you receive will be picked up by the app, and from the app, you can view both the location and the name of the caller if the number is new to you. This can be used to trace any number, be it virtual or regular. So TrueCaller can help you track down a Textnow number easily.

Using Spyforme

Spyforme is online software that is built to precisely trace Textnow numbers.

Here is how to use it:

  • Open your browser.
  • Visit 
  • Input the Textnow number in the search bar displayed.
  • Click on “Textnow number lookup.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Track The Location Of A Textnow Number? 

Tracking down a number normally involves finding out details like the location, name, or any other simple details, so when you track down a Textnow number successfully, you should see the location. 

Although Textnow, as a VoIP provider, is security-prone and protects users’ privacy, which includes location. However, when you use a caller ID-detecting app like TrueCaller, you get the caller’s location as well. 

Is There A Way To Track A Textnow Number? 

There are lots of ways you can, not only trace a textNow phone number but track down other details as well. For example, if the person has used the number to open a social account, typing the number to search on Google is ordinarily a lead. 

Through that, you can make smart moves toward getting other details. Moreso, the other ways on how to track down a TextNow number explained in this post are enough to help you track it down.

In Conclusion

Textnow is very strict regarding the privacy and security of its users. This is well explained in their terms and conditions: they collect all user information but promise not to share it with another party. However, you can still get some hints for tracking down a Textnow number with the procedures explained in this article. I hope you now know how to track down a Textnow number. Visit again for more helpful information.

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