How to Delete TextNow App + Account

how to delete textnow app

Wondering how to delete TextNow app and account? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. If you just started using TextNow but no longer feel the service offers what you expected it to or you just want to leave, deleting your account and uninstalling TextNow app may come to mind.

However, deleting a TextNow account is very difficult, or, I would rather say, almost impossible. In fact, it is already stated in TextNow’s terms and conditions that deleting accounts is not possible. You may not like this news if you want to always keep your personal information private. Fortunately, I’ll be discussing how to delete TextNow app and account. Not the real way, but a hack, and it works.

The TextNow Subscriber Is Not Available

This happens when your TextNow account has been deactivated. Note that it is deactivated, not deleted. Your Textnow account may be deactivated if you are inactive for 3 days or more. If you are a free user, it is even possible that your phone number will be recycled. In order to reactivate it or avert deactivation, sign in again and don’t sign out at any time.

Your TextNow account being deactivated is not the same as Textnow account deletion; even if you remained unavailable on your account for years, your details remain and you can always re-sign in.

How To Deactivate TextNow

Your Textnow account is deactivated once you don’t use the app for 3 days. If it is to deactivate your TextNow account that you want, just sign out of your account from all phones and computers. Deactivating your account means that nobody can reach you until you reactivate it.

How To Delete TextNow Messages

If you want to delete any message on TextNow, the platform allows that. You can even delete a conversation if you don’t want it on your display any longer. Follow these steps to delete messages and conversations on your TextNow account:

  • Open your TextNow account or app.
  • Long-tap the message you would like to delete. A copy and delete or bin icon will appear.
  • Select delete. 

Do the same to delete conversions.

How To Remove Email From TextNow Account

As I mentioned in previous paragraphs, you cannot delete a TextNow account. You can only deactivate it by signing out. Hence, your details will remain on the platform as long as it continues to exist. You as a person may not be happy with this, and as such, you might start regretting that you shouldn’t have signed up in the first place.

Now that your email is personal to you and you are leaving the app, you may want your email removed at the very least. The reason for this is that as long as your emails remain you will be receiving newsletters or sales emails from TextNow. Here’s how you can remove your email from the app.

  • Open the app.
  • Head over to settings
  • Select account
  • Now edit your details.
  • Click to edit emails.
  • Input a wrong or non-existing email
  • Click save.

How To Delete TextNow Account 2023

To be plain with you, it’s not possible to permanently delete your TextNow app and account. You may uninstall the app and sign out of all devices, but your account remains. It’s not possible to delete a TextNow account. 

However, since this post’s title talks about how to delete textnow app and account, obviously, I wouldn’t like you to leave without achieving your aim of visiting this website. Deleting your account means you don’t want your details on the platform again, so here is an alternative I’m sharing with you.

  • Open your TextNow account or app.
  • Locate settings
  • Tap on account
  • Now click to edit your profile.
  • Change all details in your account to the wrong or non-existing details.
  • Click save.

Note: You should be mindful of what you input as your new details.

Now, you don’t have your correct details on the platform again. Though, you can still come back anytime and reset it. But, since you are leaving, I think this should be helpful.

Other FAQs on How to Delete TextNow App

In Conclusion

Deleting TextNow app from your device is possible, but deleting your account on the app is not. Textnow’s rule does not support account deletion. You can even have your account deactivated, but your details will remain for as long as the platform exists. Alternatively, editing your details to the wrong or non-existing details might help. That’s what this article explains. I hope you find this information helpful. Visit again for more useful updates.


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