What is a TextNow Subscriber Phone Number: Meaning, and Tricks

what is a textnow subscriber phone number

Do you wish to know what is a Textnow subscriber phone number? Textnow is a leading Voice over Internet Protocol service provider that was founded in 2009 and has millions of users in the United States and Canada. VoIP providers offer the service of allowing people to make phone calls and send text messages over WiFi for free instead of paying for a plan.

In this article, I will be providing answers to common questions like what is a Textnow subscriber phone number and other related Textnow questions.

Why Would Someone Use Textnow?

The major reason why people use TextNow for phone calls and to send text messages is that the service is almost free. Textnow services are a lot about making free phone calls and sending SMS for free over a wifi connection instead of paying for a plan as it is done with a normal telecom network. 

Another reason why some people love to use TextNow is for privacy’s sake. You can use telecom services privately by remaining completely anonymous.

The last reason is to get a new or virtual phone number, perhaps for business’ sake. Some also use it to get foreign phone numbers; since Textnow works in both Canada and the United States, a resident of the United States can get a Canadian phone number without having to leave the country and as well use it for communication.

Is TextNow Used For Cheating?

The answer to this is yes and no. This is because some people still violate common rules despite them being stated on the terms and conditions page. There have been several cases of cybercrimes being perpetrated by some Textnow users, most especially romance scams using dating apps. 

In addition, some persons from countries where Textnow service is unavailable do use a strong VPN to create a Textnow account and use it for catfishing and other internet frauds.

However, that doesn’t in any way paint Textnow black; the platform was not made for scams; in fact, one’s account can get banned instantly if suspicious activity is noticed; that’s how strict Textnow is.

Textnow Tricks

As a textnow user do you wish to know what is a Textnow subscriber phone number? Textnow is a leading Voice over Internet Protocol service provider that was founded in 2009…, there are probably some things you don’t know the app can do, probably because you are yet to upgrade to a new version. I like to call them simple tricks. Some of these include:

Quick reply

Textnow’s new feature now allows you to reply to new SMS messages without having to open the app. While doing something else on your phone, a new message pops up, it displays on your screen, and you can quickly reply from there. You can even customize the way you want new messages to pop up on your screen so that you can quickly reply.

Voice mail 

Many users of Textnow are yet to know that it now allows voicemail and is still free like the other services. To record and send voice mail:

  • Go to settings
  • Click calls
  • Select voice mail.
  • Tap the “Custom Greeting” option.
  • Record and send.

Can You Call A Textnow Subscriber?

Of course, any number can call a Textnow subscriber; it does not necessarily have to be Textnow to Textnow or any other VoIP service. Textnow numbers are no different from a real number; it’s still the same country code and number of digits, so it’s no big deal. 

What Does TextNow Subscriber Mean?

What is a Textnow subscriber? Is it different from its user? A Textnow subscriber is someone who uses Textnow numbers to communicate, as well as pays for any of the Textnow subscription plans to enjoy the different features it offers.

A Textnow subscriber uses Textnow to make phone calls, send text messages, and even voice messages over a wifi connection. A Textnow subscriber is no different from a Textnow user.

Does Textnow Give You A Phone Number?

The very first thing you get after signing up for Textnow is a new number, which you will be asked to choose based on availability. A downside about Textnow numbers is that if you don’t use them for a long time, yours might be given to someone else. You can only avoid this by paying for the premium package, which costs $6.49, or by purchasing a Textnow SIM card for 99 cents.

Other FAQs on What is a TextNow Subscriber Phone Number


I hope you now know what is a Textnow subscriber phone number. You can use your Textnow number for the same things you use your normal non-virtual lines for. Calls and text messages are free; only a Wi-Fi Internet connection is required. 

Once you purchase any of the Textnow premium plans, you have access to make unlimited calls and send text messages till it expires. It’s even hard to know if a number is a Textnow or not. Visit again for more useful updates.

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