Will Blocked Messages Come Through When Unblocked Whatsapp?

will blocked messages come through when unblocked whatsapp

WhatsApp has made it easy to block some contacts, which is why people ask questions such as will blocked messages come through when unblocked WhatsApp. With the ease that comes with blocking a contact on WhatsApp, lots of people choose the blocking options too quickly. 

But before blocking someone, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what will happen to those messages that the person will send while being blocked? Will you ever get to read those messages? 

If you are one of those searching for answers to questions on whether messages will get delivered after unblocking a blocked contact. Then you are reading the right article because that is what I’m going to discuss with you.

First of all, have you ever wondered if there is a way for your contact to know that you blocked him/her?

When You Block Someone On WhatsApp Will They Know 

Apart from searching for answers to the question ‘will blocked messages come through when unblocked WhatsApp’. You might be wondering if the person you blocked will find out. WhatsApp will not notify the contact of your decision to block him/her.

So the person may not know. But if it is someone that has been using WhatsApp for years, the experience should tell the person that you blocked them. The person will just have to observe the changes in your profile and put one or two together to understand. 

When you block people on WhatsApp, they will not be able to view your profile picture, see your last seen or online presence, and they can’t view your status update. Meaning that if they observe that another person has access to these details except them, they will know that you blocked them. 

Will Blocked Messages Come Through When Unblocked WhatsApp 

What if you block and unblock a number later on? Will blocked messages come through when unblocked WhatsApp? There is a way to try to recover them, delete your account and uninstall WhatsApp from your phone. 

When you install it again and sign up afresh, all blocked contacts will be unblocked. And if you backed your messages up, your old chats will be recovered.

Apart from this, the answer to your question of will blocked messages come through when unblocked WhatsApp is no. Remember that those blocked messages never got delivered to you in the first place.

So, you might as well consider the messages gone with the wind. This is why I always advise people to think about the messages that the person might send after they have been blocked. Ensure that you will not miss such a message.

On the other hand, you can just ask the people to resend their last messages. If the persons confront you with questions about their messages hanging. Instead of searching for answers to will blocked messages come through when unblocked WhatsApp, just ask the person.

How To Block Someone On WhatsApp But Still Receive Their Messages 

Now that you have an answer to your question of will blocked messages come through when unblocked WhatsApp. Let’s talk about how you can keep sending or receiving messages from a blocked contact. 

Blocking people on WhatsApp is a decision that we have to take when we do not want direct communication with them. But what if you still want to receive messages from them for one reason or the other? Maybe because of a project or business deal?

One of the ways you can get messages from a blocked contact is by asking a friend to create a WhatsApp group. Or ask a friend to add both of you to an existing WhatsApp group. There, you will be able to read any message that the person sends to the group. 

With that, the person will not be able to send you a direct message. And you can avoid the scenario that made you block the person.

How To Unblock A Number On WhatsApp 

Blocking and unblocking numbers is so simple. For people that have Google searched ‘will blocked messages come through when unblocked WhatsApp? You will agree with me that the road to recovering those undelivered messages is way too tedious.

But if you are determined to block a contact on WhatsApp without caring about whatever messages the person sends afterward. Then follow these simple steps;

  • Open the WhatsApp from phone 
  • Go to your chat and locate the person you want to block or search for the person’s name using the search bar.
  • When you locate the contact, open your chat with the person. 
  • You will see three dots by the top right corner of your screen. Click on it
  • The menu that will appear next is limited. So select ‘more’, to reveal more options.
  • From the next set of options, select ‘block’.
  • Confirm that you want to block the contact when the pop-up window that requires you to confirm appears. 
  • If your aim is just to block this contact, then click on ‘block’ 
  • But if you wish to report the person to WhatsApp, then check the report box before clicking on ‘block’
  • This will send the last five messages that the person sent to you to the WhatsApp team. 
  • When you have successfully blocked a contact, it should read ‘you blocked this contact, tap to unblock’.
  • You can’t send a message to this contact either until you unblock it. 

To unblock a blocked contact, tap on the message bar and confirm that you want to unblock the person. This is also a method on how to receive message from someone after unblocking on WhatsApp.

How Many Times Can You Block and Unblock Someone on WhatsApp

You can block and unblock your contacts as many times as you want. So long as you have genuine reasons for doing so, WhatsApp will support your decision.

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Final Thought 

In this article, I have covered all the possible answers to your question of will blocked messages come through when unblocked WhatsApp. Before you follow the simple process of blocking any number on WhatsApp, ensure that you will not end up looking for all their messages that were not delivered to you. It’s much easier that way.

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