How to Find Out Who a TextNow Number Belongs To: 7 Easy Ways

how to find out who a textnow number belongs to

Are you looking to learn how to find out who a textNow number belongs to? If yes, this post contains a comprehensive guide on Textnow phone number lookup as well as other relevant information.

It has become a thing of worry for some people conversing with transborder numbers; many often want to find out if the people they are dealing with are real or fake in order not to fall victim to internet scams. 

Since Textnow numbers are security protected, getting information about the owner of a Textnow number can be very challenging. However, there are still a few smart ways to find out who a Textnow number belongs to. 

So in this article, I am going to be sharing with you different procedures on how to find out who a Textnow number belongs to in just a few simple steps.

Textnow Number Lookup 

There are a lot of approaches you can follow to find out who a Textnow number belongs to. Some of these are highly intelligent approaches and will need you to further examine them before drawing your conclusions. While some just require simple steps. Below are some of the ways you can approach an anonymous Textnow number lookup:

Tracking with Google

While this may seem the easiest way, you shouldn’t reach a conclusion based on the immediate result you get. Further investigation will surely help. You do this by typing the Textnow number you want to inspect into Google Search. 

The result of accounts opened with the Textnow number will appear, that is if the person opened any online or social media accounts with it or didn’t deactivate it. From there, you can check the profiles and activities of those accounts.

Using social media search bars

This might seem like a simple approach, but it is worth trying: use the search bar on any of the social media sites and lookup for the number if any account was opened with it. You will get a clue to uncovering the person’s identity if it was.

Using the TrueCaller app

Installing and enabling the TrueCaller app on your phone is another way to find out who a Textnow number belongs to.

The Truecaller app is a caller ID disclosure app, and when a Textnow number calls you, the location and the registered name of the Textnow number will be displayed on the app. 

Textnow Number Lookup Free

Most of the methods on how to find out who a Textnow number belongs to are completely free, except for a few online lookup softwares that are paid. 

Using Google, the social media search bar, as well as the TrueCaller app, is totally free. However, it is not 100% certain that you did get information about the Textnow user. But in different scenarios, I have seen it work depending on your next smart move. 

Textnow App Number Lookup

As you know, knowing if a number is a Textnow number or a real number can be very difficult. So for you to know what you are dealing with, you need to be certain it’s a Textnow number. 

The best way to do this is by creating your own TextNow account and trying to reach out to the number you want to lookup for. You can start interacting socially with the user in an effort to get some information.

Another good thing to do is use online software that helps you look up Textnow numbers. Spyforme is one online tool that does that well. 

All you need to do is type in the number on the website and click on the Textnow number lookup icon. Hence, it will tell if the number is a Textnow number or not, as well as show other information about the user.

How To Find A Textnow Subscriber

Textnow is a very strict VoIP provider, especially when it comes to private information about its users. Location is mostly the first thing to look up; getting the location of a Textnow subscriber will definitely further expose other information about the person.

The best way to get this done is by using the SMS method together with an IP tracker. Before you proceed on trying this, you should know that this is solely dependent on the action of the Textnow user.

  • Visit
  • Create a link you can track.
  • Now send the link to the Textnow user you want to look up (ensure to shorten the link and say something to entice the user to click the link).
  • Ensure the person clicks the link.
  • Now try to access the link to get the IP address and copy it.
  • Go to to track the user’s location.

How To Find Out A Textnow Number 

Every piece of information that you need to find out the Textnow number is already explained above; if one doesn’t work, try the next one until you get results.

Bottom Line 

How to find who a Textnow number belongs to can be quite difficult since Textnow, just like Google Voice, doesn’t share the personal information of its users with a third party. But, if you try any of the steps listed out here, you should probably get a lead in your search, if not the full information.

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