Does TextNow Show Your Email?

does textnow show your email

Does Textnow show your email to your caller or the person you called? If this is your question, then your answer is right here in this article.

Email address has grown to become a very important personal detail, and therefore we all sometimes want to mind who we share our email with, either to avoid getting spammed with erroneous or deceitful emails in our inbox or to protect ourselves from identity theft.

Textnow, being a virtual telephone service provider, requires that you sign up with an active email account. Now here is the question again: does Textnow show your email to somebody else? Find out as you read on.

Does Textnow Show Your Email Address?

Textnow is very private with your details; if you read their terms and conditions correctly when signing up, you should get this. 

Inasmuch as they have access to some of your personal information, they have no legal permission to share it with a third party. So if your question is, “Does textnow show your email address, perhaps to a caller or someone you called with your textnow number?” the answer is no.

The reason why Textnow won’t reveal your email address to a third party is that’s what the code of conduct dictates. 

Even your phone calls and texts with the app are end-to-end encrypted; nobody else can gain access to them except you and your recipient. So you don’t have to worry about Textnow showing your email to any of your contacts on the app. 

Though they collect several pieces of information about you, including your IP address, they have no right to disclose it to somebody else behind your back, even though they are offering you their services for free.

Can Someone See Your Email Address In TextNow?

The answer is no; nobody else can see your email address from the textnow app, even if you both are using it to converse. 

Textnow’s privacy rules are against them. The only way somebody else may see your email address through the Textnow app is if you give such a person access to your Textnow account or if your account was hacked. 

Anything other than that won’t disclose your email to another textnow caller or user. Hence, you need to keep your account safe so nobody else can access it.

Does Textnow Show Your Name?

Textnow is a VoIP provider that respects privacy a lot, and as such, your name is kept private. Even your phone number can be masked by using the app. So when somebody calls you, or you are the one that calls, your name isn’t displayed on the call screen. 

However, if it is someone you are close to, perhaps the person knows your name and decides to store your name on his or her contact list; then, when you call or the person calls, it is going to only display the name used in saving the number, just like normal telecommunications networks. It is actually in your hands to disclose or not disclose your name.

Is Textnow Anonymous?

Does textnow show your email to a third party is one question,  now, is textnow anonymous since it does not show your email or name to somebody else is a further question I did love to answer.

Textnow is preferred by most of its users in its two available countries (Canada and the United States) due to the free calls and free texting services it offers. Additionally, strong privacy protection is another reason why many love using Textnow. 

Some people like to remain anonymous in all that they do on the phone, especially calls and text messaging, for some private reasons. That is exactly what Textnow prioritizes. So to answer this question plainly, Textnow is anonymous and ensures your privacy is safe and out of reach of anyone. 

However, the only reason your privacy can be uncovered is if you use your Textnow number for fraud or any other illegal action, in which case, upon request by the police, they may have no choice but to disclose a little of your identity.

Note: The word “may” is being used, meaning I’m yet to see such a case, but it can happen.


Textnow is a giant in the VoIP business, and the reason is not farfetched: they offer one of the best and cheapest VoIP services. Plus, they prioritize their users’ privacy a lot. Hence, earning the trust of many, so you have nothing to worry about.

I believe your query, “Does Textnow show your email address to a third party?” as well as other related questions, has been answered. Visit any of the posts below again for more info on TextNow.

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