How to Know If It’s a TextNow Number: 2023 Tips

How to Know If It's a TextNow Number

Almost every phone user has probably heard of TextNow numbers, but looking for how to know if it’s a TextNow number? The United States and Canada where TextNow is available, phone number are usually eleven digits; so, too, is a TextNow number. It’s no different from a normal phone number; the only difference is that it’s using a VoIP service and that it’s a virtual number. So it can be very difficult to spot one. Now here is the question: is there any way at all to tell if it is a TextNow number or not? 

Actually, despite the rate of impossibility, there are still a number of possibilities for this. You can use Google, social media, or even lookup tools. In this article, I will be discussing with you how to know if a phone number is a TextNow number and the practical steps to do that. 

Are TextNow Numbers Traceable?

Before we continue with how to know if it’s a Textnow number or not, I did like to address this first. Some people believe that TextNow numbers cannot be tracked and nobody can get any details about its users. 

While this belief is popular among people, I did like to also remind you that it’s almost impossible to trace a TextNow number due to its strong privacy priorities. However, there are still a few ways to track down a TextNow number. Surprisingly, these ways are simple yet unknown to many. 

TextNow Number Lookup Free

The easiest way to lookup a TextNow number is by using Google. Simply go on Google, input the TextNow number, and search for it. If the number has been used to open accounts on social media or other platforms, it will show up in the search results. From there, you can proceed to get other information, like the person’s name and email address.

Another easy way to lookup TextNow number is by searching on social media, especially Facebook. The TextNow user may have an account opened with the number. If he or she did, the profile will definitely show in search results, so from there you can check the information you need about the person on the profile. 

TextNow Number Tracker

If you want to know how to tell if it is a TextNow number or not, using a TextNow number tracker is your best option. With this online tool, you can check any phone number and tell if it is a TextNow number or not. The popular TextNow tracker tool is called spyforme, which is specifically built to help people track down TextNow numbers.

All you have to do is visit  and input the TextNow phone number in the space provided and hit the TextNow number lookup button. Wait for a few minutes while it loads. You did get all the possible details about the number. 

Find TextNow Number by eMail

Finding a TextNow number by using email means getting an email and tracking if it is connected to a TextNow number or account. It’s not that possible to track a TextNow number with an email. However, you can still use some reverse lookup tools to check.

Go to the True Caller ID Tracker website and search the email to know if it’s linked to a TextNow number. You can also try contacting TextNow customer support to see if they can help, though this option is almost certainly not viable. 

Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup

All TextNow numbers are anonymous unless they are owned by someone you know very well. TextNow, as a VoIP platform, is very private with the information of its users. So, for an anonymous TextNow number lookup, it is still the same steps as explained in previous paragraphs in this post. 

Can You Track TextNow Numbers?

You can track down any TextNow number with a lookup tool. Though the information you did get might not be fully what you want, you did get a hint. You can also use the true caller app to receive phone calls so you can get the name, location, and other information of any TextNow user who calls you.

Other FAQ on How to Know If It’s a TextNow Number

In Conclusion

How to know if it’s a TextNow number that you have been communicating with is simple and easy. Though not by merely looking at the number because TextNow numbers are the same as your normal non-VoIP lines. Using Google, social media, and different lookup tools to track down a TextNow number is one of the various ways to trace and spot a textnow number. I hope you now know how to tell if it is a TextNow number. Visit again for more useful information.

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