How to Use Instagram Reels Music Copyright Without Infringement

Instagram reels music copyright

Have you ever wondered why some people use Instagram reels music copyright without copyright infringement? Ever since Instagram introduced the Instagram reels. Lots of Instagram users have been making use of it to gain more followers, as reels tend to get more views than Instagram stories and feeds.

On the other hand, many of these people have had their reels muted or completely taken down. Because they either ignored the copyright laws on Instagram or were not aware of it.

The aim of this article is to tell you how you can use any music of your choice on Instagram without getting into trouble with copyright laws.

Instagram reels copyright-free music

The Instagram reels music copyright exists to ensure that you don’t turn an artist’s work into yours. There is an automatic Instagram music copyright checker that detects copyright infringement. so if you must use another musician’s sound in your videos, then you have to obtain the right to do so. In that way, you are showing regard to the creator of the music.

On the other hand, there is some music in the public domain, which are copyright free. You are free to use this music as Instagram has made them available for its users.
You can also use songs from the Facebook sound collection, as they have licenses from Meta, and are available for free.

Lately, you can create Instagram copyright-free music by recording your song. In that way, you will have 100% right to the original sound. Or you can record an artist singing in a live concert and use it for your Instagram reels. In this way, copyright laws will not catch up with you, since you recorded it yourself.

How to use copyrighted music on Instagram legally

If you prefer to use copyrighted music on Instagram, there are ways to go about it without copyright infringement. so if you want to know how to use Instagram reels’ music copyright legally, keep reading.

License the songs

Making your Instagram reels with a viral soundtrack will increase your views. And most times, these viral and trending sounds are copyrighted. So, how do you use Instagram reels music copyright legally?

The first way is to get a license for the song, using a subscription service. When you get a license to use a song from these subscribed services, your reels will not get muted, or taken down. Examples of where to get these licenses are Track Club, and

You can go for a monthly subscription or a one-time purchase of a license to use a particular sound. If you hope to use Instagram reels for advertising, remember that copyrighted music can’t be boosted as ads.

Facebook Sound Collection

Another way of using Instagram music copyright is by getting your songs from the Facebook Sound Collection. Even if the song is protected by copyright, you can still get it for free without trouble. Because the license to use it has been bought by Meta.

You can get lots of music from the Facebook sound collection. And as long as you are okay with the songs there, you do not have to pay to purchase any license.

But, if you are operating a business account on Instagram, you will not be allowed to use the Facebook sound collection.

How to give music credit on Instagram reels

Giving credit to an artist on Instagram reels is not another way of using Instagram reels music copyright free. Whether you give the credit orally, or through a caption, Instagram can still take the post down or mute it.

Even if you get oral permission from the artist, your reels can still be flagged as copyright infringement. The only way to use Instagram reels music copyright is to go through any licensing platforms on Instagram and get a license for the music. Or just stick to the music available to the public.

How to avoid copyright on Instagram reels

What if you don’t want to use the songs available to the public, and neither do you want to record yours or buy a license? How can you avoid Instagram reels music copyright?

You can still use Instagram reels music copyright by following their guidelines. Lots of Instagram policy on copyright has changed over the years, which is why one has to carefully follow the given Instagram guidelines.

In 2020, Instagram released a set of guidelines to follow if we want to use Instagram reels music copyright free. These guidelines are;

  • Keep your reels short. Because you cannot tell if a sound is copyrighted by merely listening to it, you should keep your clips very short. If you make your videos too long, it will draw more attention to the sounds.
  • Ensure that the focus of your video is not the music. As long as you are showing people something to view in your reels, Instagram can ignore the background song. But if your video focuses on a song, then copyright law on Instagram may come for it.
  • Use music in your stories. Just like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media. You can upload a clip to your story, and it will disappear after 24 hours. If the goal is to upload on your Instagram story, you are free to use copyrighted music.

Lastly, record a copyrighted song from a live concert. Your record becomes your property and you can use it on your Instagram reels. It looks like the easiest way to use Instagram reels music copyright.

Other FAQ

In this article, I have talked about all the ways you can use Instagram reels music copyright. And also how to avoid Instagram copyright infringement, to ensure that your reels are not flagged off. Follow the guidelines here and you will never have to worry about Instagram reel music copyright.

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