How to Migrate to MTN Xtra Value: Fastest Route

how to migrate to mtn xtra value

Are you looking to learn how to migrate to MTN Xtra value tariff plan? If yes, this article has all the information you need on how to migrate to MTN Xtra value, as well as other information on the MTN Xtravalue tariff plan. MTN Xtravalue is a special tariff plan that offers you both airtime and data bundles for cheap to make local and international calls and browse the internet. The tariff plan operates within these two sub-plans: Xtradata and Xtratalk.

Xtratalk is meant to offer you amazing packages with regard to airtime, airtime bonuses, and free talk time. While, Xtradata on the other hand is for data offers, as it offers cheap data plans and bundles to browse the internet.  Both plans are available to prepaid and postpaid MTN subscribers.

For you to enjoy all these packages that Xtravalue tariff plan offers, you need to migrate to the tariff plan. In this post, I will be sharing with you information on how to migrate to MTN Xtra value tariff plan.

MTN Migration Codes

Beta talk: 

  • *123*2*1#


  •  *123*2*2#


  • *123*2*3#


  • *123*2*4#


  • *123*2*5#


  • *123*2*6#

Xtravalue Carte:

  • *123*2*7#

MTN broadband:

  • *123*2*8#

MTN Xtravalue Migration Code

There are a number of ways on how to migrate to MTN Xtra value. However, using USSD codes remains the fastest way, as it allows you to change tariff plans immediately. But if you are not comfortable with it, other ways you can use include: myMTN app, MTN websites, and SMS.  Here’s the code to dial to change your tariff plan to MTN Xtravalue.

  • Dial *123*2*5# 

How To Migrate Out Of MTN Xtravalue

Learning how to migrate to MTN Xtra value is not enough. This is because there might come a time when you no longer wish to stay on the tariff and would like to migrate to another tariff plan. Most times MTN users often get stranded here.  Let me explain the process in simple terms. 

Migrating out of a particular plan means that you have found another plan you want to migrate to.  So, in this regard, what you will need to do is migrate to another tariff plan. This automatically stops your initial tariff plan, and your newly selected tariff plan starts functioning immediately. 

There are a number of ways to migrate out of MTN XtraValue and into another tariff plan. Here they are:

Using ussd code

  • Dial *123#
  • Select option 2, which reads: tariff plan.
  • Now, from the list, select your new plan. 
  1. Beta talk
  2. Pulse
  3. mPulse
  4. Xtraspecial
  5. Xtravalue
  6. Truetalk
  7. Xtravalue Carte
  8. MTN broadband

Using myMTN app

  • Open the myMTN app.
  • Log in
  • Tap your current tariff plan on the interface.
  • Select “migrate plans”.
  • Click on your new preferred plan.

Using myMTN Web

  • Navigate to on your browser
  • Type in your phone number.
  • Input the OTP sent to you.
  • Click on your phone number
  • Tap my plan
  • Select “other plan.” 
  • Choose your preferred new tariff plan.

How To Migrate From Pulse To XtraValue

If you are currently on the pulse tariff plan and wish to migrate to Xtravalue, here is what you have to do. Just follow any of the processes I listed above and select MTN Xtravalue as a replacement for MTN Pulse. The pulse tariff plan will automatically stop, and the Xtravalue tariff plan will take effect instantly. 

The same method is applicable to migrating from other plans to another.   You can use USSD codes, the MyMtn app, MyMtn Web, and SMS; all work. It is also important for you to know that you would not be charged anything for migrating to Xtravalue. However, frequent migrations attract a charge of N102.

MTN Xtravalue Charges

On Xtravalue, you own two account balances: one is your Xtravalue balance, and the other is your main account balance. Most subscriptions you can make to your Xtravalue account are in the form of packages, as they come with both data and airtime. You can also subscribe to your normal account if you don’t like any of the offers but I bet you did like it.  However, call rates for the main account are charged at a 22.48k/s flat rate.



Mtn Xtravalue is one tariff plan that offers you a lot to choose from when it comes to data and airtime subscriptions.  The plan operates with XtraData for data and XtraTalk for airtime offers. I hope you now understand how to migrate to the Xtravalue tariff plan and even other plans. Visit again for more useful information.

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