Legal Method To Remove Copyright Claim On YouTube: Shorts Inclusive

copyright claim on youtube

Are you tired of working hard on your YouTube content, only to get copyright claim on YouTube? You are not alone on this one. So many YouTube channels have had to struggle to remove copyright claims on their videos before publishing.

The copyright claim is not as bad as it sounds, from where I’m standing, it’s a necessity. The moment you get the copyright claims, you will know that you are using another content creator’s property in your video without permission. This will prepare you to take action, to safeguard your content and your channel against strikes.

But I also know that copyright claims can be annoying, which is why I have come up with this article. To help you remove copyright claims without copyright infringement. So if you want to learn how to do this legally, keep reading.

Copyright Claim +1 meaning

Copyright claims on YouTube can mean any of these. The owner of the content you used for your YouTube videos wants to restrict your video to certain countries only. Track your video, or monetize your video. This will not affect your channel, but you may not make any money from the video.

How to check a Video for Copyright Claims on YouTube

You can’t be too careful when it comes to avoiding copyright claim on YouTube. Checking your video for any copyright claim is a good thing to do before publishing it on YouTube.

When uploading your YouTube shorts and other videos, you will be required to design its thumbnail, give it a description, and optimize it using a keyword. While you are still in the uploading section, you will get to the ‘check’ section. Where YouTube content ID checker automatically scans your video for copyright claims.

If YouTube gets back to you with a copyright claim, then you can decide to take an action. Which includes removing the claims, or disputing the copyright claims on YouTube.
If you published the video on your channel before getting the copyright claim on YouTube. You can still take action. Because ignoring these claims may have a serious impact on your video.

Impact of Copyright Claims on YouTube

To view the details of the possible penalty for ignoring copyright claim on YouTube. Click on ‘details’ on the upload page. Among the numerous penalties that you will likely see are;

Your video will be restricted to a certain country. Meaning that your video will not go viral on YouTube, the way you planned it. This also means that your chances of making huge money from the video are slim.

Secondly, you may not be able to monetize your video. That means that even though an ad is placed on it, all the revenue generated will go to the original content creator. Imagine somebody else reaping from your sweat, effortlessly.

Copyright Claims VS Copyright Strikes

You may receive a strike if the person with a right to the content you are using asks for your content to be taken down completely. Getting a strike will affect your channel greatly because unlike copyright claims that you can resolve. If you get up to three strikes in a row, within ninety days, your channel may be deleted.

How to Fix Copyright Claims on YouTube

If you still want to upload that video that you have worked so hard on, despite the copyright claims on YouTube. Here are the steps you can follow to remove the claims, legally. But before you follow these steps, ensure that you get the copyright claim YouTube description by clicking on ‘details’. To ensure that you are taking the right step.

  1. If it is the audio that you do not have the right to use, then you can remove the audio and replace it with another audio. Or you can even mute the video, and publish it without a sound. This will automatically remove the copyright claims on YouTube shorts and other videos.
  2. The second way of removing copyright claims on YouTube legally is to trim your video. Just remove the image or part of the video with the claim. If the removed part will not affect the video adversely, then you can re-upload after trimming.
  3. The last option is to dispute the copyright claims on YouTube. You can only go for this option if you have a license to use the content, or if the content is originally yours. Before you go on to dispute the copyright claim, please ensure that it is not based on any of the following reasons;
  4. You have a copy of the content (video or song), your channel is already earning from the video, and you have acknowledged the original owner of the content.

If you are basing your reasons for the dispute on any of these reasons, then your dispute will be dismissed.

Before you go on to dispute a copyright claim on YouTube, ensure that you are backed up by these strong reasons.

  • You own the original content. You must have all the rights to the content before settling for a dispute.
  • Have a license to use the content. Sometimes, the YouTube ID checker may identify the work of another creator in your video. But if you are sure that you have the license to use the content, then you can go for a dispute.

You stand on the ground of YouTube’s fair use. Meaning that you have changed the content to a great extent. YouTube’s fair play policy may protect you.
Lastly, if the content you used is from the public domain. Meaning that anyone can use it because it is not copyrighted.

When you are sure of any of these reasons, then you can click on the dispute button. YouTube will notify the claimant of the dispute and give 30 days’ grace for the claimant to respond. You can make an appeal if the claimant disagrees, but remember that you are taking it far, and there may be consequences.

When you appeal, the claimant will have just seven days to respond. If the claimant remains adamant, then your channel may receive a strike. A pretty serious matter here.
If any of your appeals fail, you can try to connect with the YouTube team directly and plead your case.

How to Avoid Copyright Claim on YouTube

As I said earlier, you can’t be too careful when it comes to copyright claim on YouTube. The best way to play it safe is to avoid getting Copyright claims at all. You can do this by using only original content or royalty-free content from sites like StoryBlock, Epidemic Sound, etc.

FAQ On YouTube

In Conclusion

Indeed, copyright claims on YouTube are there to protect content creators’ properties. But it gets pretty annoying when you start getting them after working so hard on your YouTube shorts and other videos. Luckily for you, I have shared with you the best way to avoid or remove these copyright claims legally.

Follow these steps and you won’t have to worry about copyright infringement on YouTube and its consequences.

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