15 High CPM YouTube Automation Niches

YouTube Automation Niches

If you are looking for YouTube automation niches with high CPM, welcome onboard. The YouTube automation niches in this article are carefully selected to help you make higher earnings on YouTube.

There are lots of YouTube niches that you can choose from as a beginner; you can even choose a niche that centres around your hobbies. But, if you want to make money as a YouTuber, you need to go for the YouTube automation niches with high CPM, and it should also be a YouTube automation niche with low competition. You can check this article on Faceless YouTube Automation Channel Ideas.

Highest CPM YouTube Niches 2023

Here is a glance at the high CPM YouTube automation niches.

High CPM YouTube Niches CPM Rates in 2023
Affiliate marketing $12 – $22
Make money online $13.52
Investment and finance $8 – $18
Digital Marketing $12.52
Educational content $9.89
Photography $7.31
Cars $4.23
Tech and gadgets $2.39
Lifestyle $3.47
Fashion $3.13
Entertainment $2.74
Cooking $2.50
Fitness $1.60
Music $1.46
Video games $1.40

I want you to remember that these YouTube automation niches that have the highest CPM rate tend to change with time. Also, you need to create great content because that will make people subscribe to your channel and view your YouTube post regularly. After creating great content, the CPM will determine your earning next.

What is CPM

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille. The word Mille is a Latin word for thousand, so when we talk of CPM, we are talking about how much advertisers are willing to pay per thousand views that their ads get.

Fortunately, the amount that advertising agents pay per thousand views is not the same for all YouTube automation niches. To earn higher on YouTube, you need to choose the niche that attracts high CPM.

15 High CPM YouTube Automation Niches

With your knowledge about what CPM is all about, let’s look at the YouTube automation niches that have the potential to make you a rich YouTuber.

Affiliate marketing

This YouTube automation niche has been narrowed down from the make-money-online niche. Depending on the advertising agent, its CPM can be as high as $22 or even more.

Make money online

In this 21st century, many people are looking for how to make money online. Thanks to the lockdown, many people have realised that the internet has lots of opportunities for them to get rich. This is why this niche is currently trending on YouTube. Its CPM is $13.52

Investment and finance

Undoubtedly, the finance niche has lots of money for YouTubers. If you can tell people how to manage, save, or invest their money wisely, they will always buy into your channel, which means more views and earnings. And the advertising agents under this YouTube automation niche will pay you as high as $18 per thousand views.

Digital Marketing

Lots of businesses are booming online due to the digital marketing skills that their owners employ. Social media marketing is currently on the rise, and if you can guide people on how to do it, you may earn $12.52 per thousand views.

Educational Content

Most people go on YouTube to learn one or two things, and if you can teach subjects like arithmetic, Grammar, sciences, and others through your channel, then this YouTube automation niche is definitely for you. Its CPM rate stands at $9.89.


Do you have a flair for beautiful pictures? Then this YouTube automation niche might be an avenue for you to make money doing what you love. Tell your viewers about photography and how to get the perfect images. Photography CPM is $7.31.


If you noticed, I separated the car and tech and gadget niches. This is because if you can narrow down the broad niche to just cars, you can earn higher as its CPM is $4.32. Tell your viewers about cars, from the most expensive and fanciest to the regular cars.

Tech and Gadget

Lots of YouTubers are currently in this niche, especially affiliate marketers. They review products and give viewers reasons to buy or not buy a certain gadget. They also compare gadgets from different brands to help viewers make better choices. Tech and gadget niche CPM is $2.39


This YouTube automation niche is all about how people live. It can cut across tricks to improve life and travels. Its CPM is $3.47.


No matter what goes out of trend and what is coming up, one niche that will always remain evergreen is the fashion niche. This is because people will always look for ways to look good, and if you can help them do that, you will get lots of views on your channel. Fashion niche CPM is $3.13.


People will never grow tired of getting entertained, which is why the entertainment niche will always remain among the top YouTube automation niches with high CPM. It cuts across different entertainment industries to celebrity gossip. Currently, entertainment CPM stands at $2.74.


Since the lockdown period, this YouTube automation niche has been on the rise. If you can cook or share many recipes, you might do well in the cooking niche with its CPM rate of $2.50.


Keeping fit will never go out of trend; many YouTubers are currently exploring this niche. Its CPM is $1.60.


It’s rare to find people that do not enjoy good music. Most people love music, which is why this niche is thriving. If you have a great love for music, then here is a chance to earn money doing what you love. Music CPM is $1.46.

Video Game

If you are a game lover, you can open a channel under this YouTube automation niche and talk about video games with fellow game lovers. Because of the high population of game lovers online, the video game niche is one of the biggest on YouTube. Its CPM is $1.40.

FAQ on YouTube Automation

In Conclusion

I have covered the top YouTube automation niches with high CPM in this article. To help you make the right choice when you want to open a profitable YouTube channel. Remember to choose the one that you will at least have fun with while creating videos.

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