10 Best YouTube Automation Channels Making $300+

Best YouTube automation channels

In this article, I will share my list of the best YouTube automation channels. There have been talks about YouTubers making it big in their automation channels. And because no one is showing you these YouTubers’ channels, the people talking about them may appear like bluffs. 

This is why I want to share the list of the top YouTube automation channels to check out the next time you visit YouTube. You can also learn one or two things from watching their videos and using YouTube tools to analyze the progress of these channels. So if you want to know the practical example of the YouTube automation channels that are making it big in 2023, keep reading.

Top 10 YouTube Automation Channels making $300+ in 2023

  1. Temponaut Timelapse
  2. The Relaxing End
  3. Meditation Relax Music
  4. Peacock Kids
  5. JxmyHighroller
  6. Spill Sesh
  7. Practical Wisdom
  8. Einzelganger
  9. WatchMojo.com
  10. Expedia

I made this list of the best YouTube automation channels after studying some of the top YouTube automation channels. There are lots of automation channels that are yet to get monetized; some of them even got demonetized before they got to hit the thresholds. But these YouTube automation channels I am about to share with you have managed to scale through. And also avoid getting demonetized by playing their cards pretty well.

So, if you intend to learn from what these channels are doing, then here is my list of the best YouTube automation channels in 2023;

Temponaut Timelapse

The 1st channel on my list of the best YouTube automation channels is Temponaut Timelapse. This automation channel is under the time-lapse niche, where you see things like how ants gradually eat up a chunk or lump of food on the floor. Or how things get decayed over some hours or days.

Youtube channel automation

According to Social Blade, this YouTube automation channel makes an estimated $60.2K – $962.7K annually. So if you want to open a YouTube automation channel under the time-lapse niche, this is a good channel to learn something from.

The Relaxing End

This YouTube automation channel made it to my list because it makes roughly $43.2k – $690.6k yearly. This places it at about a three thousand dollars + monthly.

The relaxing end youtube channel

It is an unboxing channel that shows you what to expect when you buy a certain product. They also do a bit of affiliate marketing, as they usually leave a link for their viewers to buy the product. This can earn them a commission when a viewer uses their link to purchase the product. 

Meditation Relax Music 

Gracing the third position on my list of the best YouTube automation channel is a unique YouTube channel called Meditation Relax Music channel. An automation channel under the meditation niche creates videos with soothing musical notes that can easily make you feel relaxed. 

Relax Your Music YouTube Channel

All they do is get an image and a calming musical sound. To create similar videos, you don’t even need many images as this channel uses just one image for its over 30 minutes videos. As of the time of compiling this list, it earns about $986 – $15.8k monthly. 

Peacock Kids

All this channel does is tell scary nighttime stories to thrill its viewers. It currently has 9.62M subscribers and generates about $13.1K – $209K monthly. 

Peacock kids youtube channel

To open a similar YouTube automation channel, you need original scary stories. Do the voiceover by yourself if you can creatively narrate a story. Otherwise, you can get someone to do the voiceover for you. 


YouTube Automation Channel

JxmyHighroller, one of the best YouTube automation channels in the sports niche, is in the 5th spot. This channel has over 2 million subscribers. It is one of the YouTube automation channels to look out for if you want to go into the sports niche. It never runs out of content, as each season has new content to post.

Spill Sesh

This channel made it to my list of the best YouTube automation channels because of its steady progress. It is under the entertainment niche and posts about the latest celebrity gossip worldwide. 

social youtube channel

Although their videos tend to attract fewer viewers as the year passes, there will always be new news and celebrity gossip. You need an image of the celebrity or footage and a voiceover to create a similar channel. 

Practical Wisdom 

Automation channels

If you are into whiteboard videos, you will love the 7th channel on my list of the best YouTube automation channels. It uses tools like ‘Doodle’ to make whiteboard videos and a voiceover. It shares many interesting ideas in its videos and makes thousands of dollars.


YouTube Automation Channels

Einzelganger posts automation videos on different philosophies and ideologies around the world. And as of when compiling this list, it has over 1.5 million subscribers. And makes a huge amount of money monthly. 


Watch mojo channel

On my list of the best YouTube automation channels, I have WatchMojo.com, a channel dedicated to making a list of the top 10s in many areas. It has lots of subscribers and makes thousands of dollars from those videos. 


This channel under the travel niche may come last, but it’s not the least on my list. It shows images and footage from the best tourist sites in the world. 

Expedia YouTube channel

If you want to create a YouTube automation channel in the travel niche, this last channel to grace my list of the best YouTube automation channels has many things to teach you. 

Other Tips On YouTube Automation

In Conclusion

It is said that the best way to become successful is to study the failure and success stories of those ahead of you. So, one of the best things to do before opening a YouTube automation channel is to study the successful ones and find out how they made it. 

You can visit these channels on my list of the best YouTube automation channels and try to learn all you can. 

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