Most Profitable Youtube Automation Business Model

YouTube automation business model

Do you know that building a profitable automation channel requires a good YouTube automation business model? If you are opening that YouTube automation channel to make a profit. Then you need a business, just like every other business.

Lots of YouTubers have given up only after months of trying to make it big on YouTube and stumbling. Just because they had no clear picture of how they intended to achieve their dreams on YouTube, everyone wanting to create a YouTube automation channel and make money needs to read this.

What is a YouTube Automation Business Model?

A YouTube automation business model is a plan by an automation YouTuber to run his/her channel profitably. You must ensure that your business model considers things like your expenditure. Because before your channel hits the threshold, there may be some money that you have to spend.

Although YouTube does not charge you for uploading a video, the road to creating a perfect video may be a little bit consuming. So, you have to treat your time and the money you spend on these videos as your cost of production.

How to build the most profitable YouTube Automation Business Model

Based on all the YouTube automation business models that I have seen. I must admit that most of the richest YouTubers out there have the best plan for making money on YouTube.
So, if you want to make lots of money off your YouTube automation channel, then you need a business model. And here are the simple steps to building the most profitable YouTube automation business model.

Identify the problem that your channel will solve

It is said that if you want people to reward you with their resources, then you need to solve their problems. If you want to solve their financial problems, you might consider the ‘make money online’, affiliate marketing, and other niches on finance. Or the health and fitness niches that aim at improving their viewers’ health.

Your channel has to solve one human problem or the other. It could be the problem of boredom or making situations more bearable like providing entertainment and answers to questions. So, identify the human problem your channel tends to tackle before building your YouTube automation business model.

Identify your Audience

The second step to building a profitable YouTube automation business model is identifying your audience. If your channel identifies with young people like teenagers, then you have to ensure that your content matches their energy. This is the essence of a business model for your automation channel. You need to plan your every move down to the type of audience that your channel will attract.

What can your channel offer your audience?

Have you ever asked yourself if you would visit your channel again if you were not the owner? This is where the content comes into the whole plan. How is your automation channel adding value to your viewers’ lives?

Ensure that you are creating content that can solve your audience’s problems, even if it is to make them happy or laugh as comedy channels do. You can even create a YouTube automation service channel to offer a service to your audience.

If people have something to gain from your automation channel, they will surely visit it again. Your YouTube automation business model must show how you intend to keep adding value to your viewers’ lives. Because that is one of the guarantees that you will have lots of viewers and subscribers.

Take note of your cost of production

For some reasons that I am yet to understand, so many YouTube automation business models I had access to lack this detail. You will need money to produce those automation videos and will not be making a profit immediately. This is why so many YouTubers quit; they keep spending without gaining.

A profitable YouTube automation business model must show your cost of production. And this is where building your production team comes in. you may need 5 paid people on your production team or even fewer. It all depends on what you can do and what you need another person to do for you.

You will need the following people on your production team;

A manager or video idea generator who brings up new titles for your automation videos. The manager can also upload these videos when they are ready. But if you have the time, you can always do that and reduce the cost.

A scriptwriter who works with the title to come up with a well-written YouTube script. You can find a freelance script writer to do this on freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. And they can charge as low as $5 per script, depending on the word count and the writer’s experience level.

A Voice over artist, who reads out the script creatively and records it. a voice-over artist may charge you about $15 per script. Again, you can do this on your own if you have the kind of voice that you want for your channel.

A Video editor works with the voice-over and the images or footage to create a perfect video for your automation channel.

Last but not least on the production team is a thumbnail designer. I’m pretty sure that you want your thumbnail to be designed to suit your targeted audience. And if you can do this, you don’t need to hire one.

After looking at all the money you spent on hiring your production team. Which may be roughly $80 on the low, per video. And how many videos you want to produce per month, you will know your cost of production per month and be ready for it.


The last step to building a failure-proof YouTube automation business model is to draw out plans for monetization. Remember that you want to make money, so let your business model show how you intend to do that. You can have several monetization plans like YouTube ads, sponsored posts, paid subscriptions, etc.

Also, look at your cost per mille or revenue per mille (RPM) and estimate how much you will likely make per month. Compare it with your cost of production and the expected increase.
All these will give you ideas of what to expect, especially when you have not started making money from your automation channel.

Take away

Now that you have read all about YouTube automation business model. You can draft out your business model. If you have started running your automation channel without a business mode, It is not too late to have one.

Develop a YouTube automation business model today, and remember to revisit it. Because trends tend to change, and so do money-making strategies on YouTube. So visit your model occasionally and update whatever needs to be updated.

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