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YouTube shorts video downloader

What if I tell you that you can download those your favorite YouTube shorts using a YouTube shorts video downloader? Even though YouTube does not allow its users to download YouTube shorts directly.

Since the introduction of YouTube shorts, we have seen many eye-catching videos 60 seconds long or even less. And sometimes, you might want to watch them over again. Especially those with good content delivered without wasting time.

But YouTube will not allow you to download them directly. This is why I have made a list of the apps that can help you to download them.

So, if you want to know how to download any of those eye-catchy YouTube shorts, then keep reading.

Benefits of Using a YouTube Shorts Video Downloader

Before discussing my list of the top 10 YouTube shorts video downloaders. Let’s take a look at the numerous benefits of using them. These benefits are;

  • You can save videos to view offline
  • You can watch the saved videos as often as you want, even if you do not have data.
  • It can convert videos from one format to another, even to MP3.
  • You can use YouTube shorts video downloaders to download subtitles, an entire channel, or a playlist in batches and also select the video quality.

Top 10 YouTube Shorts Downloader

Some of the YouTube shorts video downloaders can be downloaded from Playstore. While others are available in APK format on some third-party websites. So you can choose the one you will not mind its download process. In no particular other, here are the best YouTube shorts video downloaders in 2023;


Gracing the number one spot is a YouTube shorts video downloader called NewPipe. It is small, so you don’t have to worry about occupying so much space on your mobile. You can search for videos on YouTube, just like the YouTube app. I love NewPipe because It allows users to play videos in the background.

It is also compatible with so many mobiles. The only con that I found from using this app is that it is not compatible with all laptops and PCs.

The second YouTube shorts video downloader to grace my list is the It is one of the best you can get on the internet today. It is also safe and free, so no payment is required.

This is another awesome YouTube shorts video downloader you can use on your mobiles. It offers MP3 conversion features and supports 2K/4K.

It allows its users to select the quality of the YouTube shorts they want to download. And can be used in place of the YouTube app. As a plus, Snaptube supports social media like Facebook, Instagram, and so many others.


One of the reasons why this YouTube shorts video downloader remains among the favorites of so many people is because of its performance. It can download high-quality shorts. You are also not required to log in before downloading a video from YouTube. You just have to paste the link to the YouTube shorts, click search, and download when the video appears.


This YouTube shorts video downloader is available as APK files on the InsTube official website, so downloading it is pretty easy. It is also used outside of YouTube, to download videos from any site. Little wonder it is used as an all-around video downloader.

It supports videos in different formats, like HD, 4K, MP4, and even audio formats like MP3. With this YouTube shorts video downloader, you can use a password to lock any video you download. InsTube has built-in media players and is compatible with many websites.

TubeMate APK

Here is another App for all android phones that you can use to download YouTube shorts. I decided to include this to my list of the top YouTube shorts video downloaders because of its awesome features. Such as its capacity to support background downloads.

It also allows you to pause a download and resume when you feel like it. TubeMate supports shorts videos of different formats. As a bonus, it has a version that is compatible with PCs.


If you are looking for a YouTube shorts video downloader that you can use to download a video in its original HD format, Shortsnoob is one of your best bets. It is also compatible with tablets, mobiles, PC, laptops, etc. And you also don’t have to sign up before using it.


Dentex is the 8th YouTube shorts video downloader on my list. You can search for videos with it and download the video in any desired quality. One of the reasons why so many people love Dentex is because it has no ads to slow you down.

Although, Dentex is currently unavailable on PlayStore, you can get the APK files from third-party sites.


Are you looking for a YouTube shorts video downloader that can convert the YouTube shorts to mp4? The Shortloader does just that. It is also user-friendly, allowing you to navigate it easily and download YouTube shorts with a single click.


The last YouTube shorts video downloader on my list is the Heatfeed. It has a track record of downloading very fast. It is also safe and can be used to download high-quality YouTube shorts videos. I love this YouTube shorts video downloader because it is compatible with a wide range of devices such as mobiles, PC, and so many others.

Final Thought

Now that you have read about all the YouTube shorts video downloaders I have on my list. Remember that you may not have permission to download certain videos. So, it will be better to download only those that their creators have made free for the public.
Have fun with those eye-catchy YouTube shorts.

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