What Does nfs Mean on Instagram: 6 Different Meanings

What does nfs mean on instagram

Lots of people are asking questions like what does NFS mean on Instagram. Because Instagram, just like so many other social media, has an ever-increasing population of young people who do not have the time to type out everything on their minds.

So they looked for a shorter way of writing a sentence, thus the use of acronyms and slang. NFS is just one of those numerous acronyms used on Instagram today.

In this article, I have compiled all the different meanings of NFS in a different context. And also added other cool acronyms that are popular on Instagram. So if you want to know what NFS means on Instagram, then keep reading.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Business Page

Now, let’s dive into the answer to your question about what does NFS mean on Instagram. As I said earlier, NFS means different things on Instagram, depending on its used context. On Instagram business, influencers, business owners, and advertising agents use NFS to show products that are not for sale.

So in business, NFS means ‘NOT FOR SALE’. Whenever a product is posted with the hashtag NFS, it clearly indicates that you cannot order it.

As a business person, you might just consider using the hashtag NFS the next time you want to post a product that is currently out of stock.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Gaming

In gaming, NFS means something different from what it means in business. In gaming, NFS simply means ‘NEED FOR SPEED’. Only those in the gaming world see NFS in this light.

So the next time a game lover posts about a particular game with NFS, just know that he/she is talking about the ‘need for speed.’

What does NFS mean on Instagram texting

What if someone slides into your DM with the acronym NFS? What does NFS mean on Instagram texting?
In texting, NFS simply means ‘NO FUNNY SH*T’. It is used when someone is saying something that you do not like. Or when you want to end a conversation with somebody.

For instance, if someone is talking about your look or hairdo and the person is describing it with words you are uncomfortable with. You can just reply with NFS, and the person will understand.
And if you ever get it from someone, you know what it means.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Posts?

Lots of people on Instagram post their pictures with the hashtag NFS. And the two meanings we discussed do not make sense in this case. So what does NFS mean on Instagram posts?

When individuals post on Instagram with the hashtag NFS, it can mean any of the following;

  • NFS – No Filter Sunday
  • NFS on Instagram posts means ‘NO FILTER SUNDAY’.

People use this hashtag on Sundays to tell you they took the picture without any form of filter, just a plain camera. Instagram has many filters that tend to make pictures look much cooler than they actually are. So lots of people use it to enhance their pictures, especially girls.

So uploading a picture with the hashtag NFS is a way of telling your followers that you still rock even without filters or editing.

What does NFS me on Instagram when people post with it outside Sundays?

If a post is made any other day of the week with the hashtag NFS. It simply means ‘NO FILTER SQUAD’. 

  • NFS – No Filter Squad

Meaning that you took the picture that day without a filter. People use the hashtag NFS to celebrate their natural beauty.

  • NFS – Not Following Specified

People use this hashtag NFS’ NOT FOLLOWING SPECIFIED’ when they are following people without the people following them back.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Computing

  • In computing, NFS means ‘NETWORK FILE SYSTEM’.

Origin of NFS on Instagram

I have been talking about the answers to your question, “what does NFS mean on Instagram?” Now let’s talk about the origin of NFS.

Many acronyms have been coined on Instagram, and some end up having different meanings. That is the case of NFS, which originally started with the Instagram business. And now, it has various meanings.

Originally, NFS meant ‘NOT FOR SALE’. And it was only used by those selling things on Instagram to let buyers know that they currently can’t order a certain product. But not anymore. Other people have given it meanings that suit them.

10 Other Instagram slangs and their meanings

Now that I have answered the question, what does NFS mean on Instagram? Let’s take a look at 10 other popular slang on Instagram and their meanings.

DM or PM

DM means Direct Messages’, while PM means Private Messages. It is the private discussion between a sender and a receiver. When people ask you to slide into their DM, DM, or PM them, they are simply asking you to message them privately.


This simply means ‘Ask me Anything’. It usually appears on a group or business page and is meant for question and answer.


It simply means ‘Be Right Back’. Used to show that you cannot continue with a conversation immediately.

Other slangs and their meanings include;

  • FYI – For Your Information.
  • IRL – In Real Life
  • IMO – In My Opinion or IMHO – In My Humble Opinion
  • FWIW – For What It’s Worth
  • FTW – For The Win or FTL – For The Loss
  • FBF – Flashback Friday
  • DYK – Do You Know or Did You Know



In this article, I have provided answers to the question of what does NFS mean on Instagram. Now that you know the meaning and where to use it, ensure to use it only in the right situations. As that will make you appear cool.


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