Easiest Faceless YouTube Automation Channel Ideas

faceless youtube automation channel ideas

If you are just like me, shy, busy, and looking for how to make money on YouTube without showing your face, you will like my 12 faceless YouTube automation channel ideas.

Yes, not everyone wants to be famous on YouTube, but we all want to make money without putting ourselves out there for people to know we are making money on YouTube.

Here is my list of faceless YouTube automation channel ideas.

In no particular order, they are;

  1. Tech gadget review
  2. DIY tutorial channel
  3. 3D or 360 experience channel
  4. Motivation channel
  5. Horror / real crime channel
  6. Tutorial channel
  7. News/gossip channel
  8. Meditation channel
  9. ASMR channels
  10. Game review channel
  11. Travel/tour channel
  12. Art channel

Tech gadget review channel


Tech gadget review youtube channel
YouTube Channel: Gadgets 360

The first faceless YouTube automation channel idea on my list is the technology and gadget review. You can make quite a lot of money by opening a technology and gadget review channel that does not require you to show your face. You need to give your viewers insights into some gadgets and compare different gadgets from different brands.

For instance, you can compare printers from different brands and give your viewers the pros and cons of using any of them. You will answer their questions on which gadget to buy by guiding them through each gadget’s features using images and videos. You can show a part of your body using the gadget, but showing your face is not compulsory.

DIY channel

DIY ChannelYouTube Channel: DIY Channel

On the number two spot on my list of the top faceless YouTube automation channel ideas, I have the DIY channel. The viewers are not interested in your face; they want to see how you carry out certain tasks. You can create a video explaining tasks like crafts, DIY home activities, DIY garden activities, and so on. 

3D or 360 experience channel

360 experience channel
YouTube channel: 3D VR 360 VIDEOS

Have you ever watched those awesome videos about the deep blue sea and wondered how they were made? You can also make yours using a 360 camera to capture the beautiful wonders of nature around you and upload it to wow your viewers. You can use a voiceover to give more insight into the video.

Motivation channel

Motivation channel
YouTube Channel: Motivation2Study

A motivational channel is third on my list of the top faceless YouTube automation channel ideas because it’s becoming very popular these days. You have to create a visual using animations or video clips and a voice-over. The goal is to motivate your viewers to be the best version of themselves, and you can do this by showing them something to keep them motivated.

Horror / real crime channel

Real crime YouTube channel
YouTube Channel: Law & Crime Network

Do you have a love for horror stories? You can create a youtube channel that tells creepy stories about certain events. You can talk about a real crime story that gives viewers the chill with footage from the crime scene. Sometimes, your story doesn’t have to be creepy and scary; it just has to be captivating enough to fascinate your viewers.

Tutorial channel

Online tutorial
YouTube Channel: Online Tutorials

Many people go on YouTube to search for tutorial videos on certain subjects. You can try the tutorial channel if you love teaching and imparting knowledge. When you teach subjects like Maths, languages, and sciences, you will likely have many subscribers, meaning lots of views and more money.

You don’t have to show your face; you can show your hands, solve problems, or use animation. The goal is to tutor through a video, so your face is not needed.

News and gossip channel

Gossip Channel
YouTube Channel: RRG

On the number 7th spot, I have news and gossip channel on my list of the top faceless youtube automation channel ideas. Everybody loves authentic news, and if your YouTube channel is known to deliver only the latest news and gossips around the world, especially celebrity gossip, you will have more subscribers. You can show the images of the person or thing you are talking about with a voiceover.

Meditation channel

Meditation and Healing
YouTube Channel: Meditation and Healing

This faceless YouTube automation channel idea can be a narrowed down niche from the wider mental health or religion niche. It deals with helping people to meditate on certain principles to help them live a happier and healthier lifestyle. You can talk on topics like Yoga and the likes and show footage or images of people doing it to help your viewers get a clearer picture.

ASMR channel

YouTube Channel: Monsterasmr9080

ASMR channel, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response channel, is rising. It’s about using certain objects to produce soothing, tingling, and calming sounds. It could be from tapping a microphone or sounds from nature, like a running stream. The goal is to show whatever you use to produce such sound; you do not need to show your face.

If you are tapping or scratching something to produce such a sound, you have to show the object and the part of your body that you use to produce the soothing sound.

Game reviews

Game reviews channel
YouTube Channel: IGN

Another faceless YouTube automation channel idea you can explore is a video game review channel. Being a lover of video games can help you to create a YouTube channel for your fellow game lovers where you review different video games and help them make better choices of video games. You need to show whatever game you are reviewing and how it works; your face is not required.

Travel/tour channel

Travel Channel
YouTube Channel: 4K Walk

You can visit many awesome sites worldwide without leaving your home thanks to wanderlust videos. You can make lots of money from making this possible for your viewers by uploading videos of awesome places you have been to. Talk about places people love, like tourist sites worldwide, and show video clips from there.

Art channel

Art channel
YouTube: ArnaBaartz

The last faceless YouTube automation channel idea I want to talk about is the Art channel. This is made for art lovers who want to see your beautiful artwork, not your face. You can use a voice-over to showcase your watercolor art or artwork from other artists.

FAQ on YouTube Automation

In this article, I have explored 12 faceless YouTube automation channel ideas that you can choose from if you want to make money from your YouTube channel without showcasing your face. You can choose from any of these faceless YouTube automation channel ideas and start building your YouTube audience as a beginner. Cheers to the success of your faceless YouTube channel.

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