10 Top Affiliate Marketers in Nigeria (2023 Review)

Top affiliate marketers in Nigeria

One of the best ways to excel in this career is to follow in the footsteps of the top affiliate marketers in Nigeria that have gone way ahead of you. This is why we have taken time to make thorough research and come up with an extensive list of the top 10 affiliate marketers in Nigeria, in 2023. To help you know what these guys that have gone ahead of you did or what they are doing to stay as the richest affiliate marketers in Nigeria.

So if you want to know the people to look up to or connect with in the world of affiliate marketing in Nigeria, here they are, in no particular order;

Czar Nnamani

Czar is a young affiliate marketer in Nigeria who happens to be the founder of Stakecut, a multimillion-naira company. Czar’s story has inspired so many young Nigerian. He started by promoting an information product on a dating site, this fetched him #450,000 in a day, and within 48 hours, the money increased to 7 figures.

The excitement from realizing that he could earn more online fueled his determination to leave the life of poverty and wave it goodbye for Life.  Today, Czar Nnamani is one of the top and most influential affiliate marketers in Nigeria

Caleb Nnaemeka

Nnaemeka is one of the highest-earning top affiliate marketers on Expertnaire – a Nigerian affiliate marketing platform. If you think that you can only make it as an affiliate marketer on foreign affiliate platforms, then you have a big surprise coming your way.

This affiliate marketer makes roughly 2 million Naira every week on Expertnaire. During our research, we found a particular promotion video that gave him 13 million Naira within one month. He is well-known and respected among affiliate marketers on Expertnaire.

Michael Olatunji

Also known as Info Michael, this young man is the king of the CPA affiliate in Nigeria. He mentors many people on how to succeed in affiliate marketing using CPA affiliate marketing strategies. He has helped to reduce poverty in Nigeria by helping many Nigerians to earn several thousand dollars per annum. Michael makes over $300,000 yearly from affiliate marketing.

Ifiok Nkem

On the number four spot on our list of 10 top affiliate marketers in Nigeria, we have a very interesting personality. This young man is a trained medical personnel but he decided to take the bull by the horn and go into affiliate marketing. Whether it is the situation of things that changed his career path or he just decided to do so doesn’t matter anymore, he is the epitome of success in the affiliate market in Nigeria.

Ifiok Nkem is the founder of SnapiLABS, a platform that is known to generate thousands of dollars yearly.

Bruno Nwogu

Bruno is known to have mentored lots of successful affiliate marketers like Caleb Nnaemeka, the guy on our No. 2 spot. He is also very successful on Expertnaire and mentors lots of Nigerians on how to become successful as an affiliate marketer too. He is currently running a course on affiliate marketing.

Ugoo Carson

Gracing the No. 6 spot on our list of the top affiliate marketers in Nigeria is Ugoo Carson. This affiliate marketer knows that he is good at what he does, so he places a high price on his knowledge and skill. We found that he charges up to 1 million Naira to teach people how to become powerful affiliate marketers just like him, using the JVzoo. Despite being a Nigerian, he is one of the top affiliates on JVzoo.

Joy Agbim

On the 7th spot on our list of the top affiliate marketers in Nigeria, we have a lady, Joy Agbim. The affiliate market in Nigeria is dominated by men, but this lady wasn’t intimidated, she looked beyond gender and made it to the top. As of the time of compiling this list, Joy Agbim make 8 figures from affiliate marketing. She is on Expertnaire and Stakecute and also trains people on how to start and become successful as affiliate marketers.

Abdul Qawiyy

Abdul is a young Nigerian affiliate marketer that is currently based in Dubai. He knows that he is successful and he is not scared to let the whole world know that. He is often seen flaunting his luxurious lifestyle on Twitter. According to one of his tweets, he makes thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing.

Tamilore Adewuyi

Tamilore is not just an affiliate marketer, he is also into teaching people how to become affiliate marketers just like him. He makes about $400,000 every year from affiliate marketing and the training courses that he offers.

Toyin Omotoso

Last but not least on our list of the top affiliate marketers in Nigeria, we have Toyin Omotoso, the owner of the popular Expertnaire that has made many young Nigerians millionaires within a short time. As of the time of compiling this list, Mr. Toyin makes about 300 million naira per annum, as an affiliate.

Can You Earn Money as an Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria?

Yes, you can earn money as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria. You could even join the list and become the eleventh top affiliate marketers in Nigeria.

Tips To Help You Start Earning Affiliate Commissions

Wrapping Up

Some of these guys started small just like you, but today, they are already up the ladder. You too can get to that place and even exceed their levels if you keep learning, and working towards your goals. You can follow them on social media as they often give tips and quotes for up-and-coming affiliate marketers in Nigeria.

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