How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

how to make money from affiliate marketing in nigeria

It is one thing to be an affiliate marketer and another thing to know how to make money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Being an affiliate marketer without the earnings to show for it can be quite discouraging. This is why we have come up with this post, to teach you how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

So if you are an affiliate marketer in Nigeria that would like to start cashing out, here are the simple tips that you need to follow:

Go for products that attract people more

You might be tempted to promote any product under your niche because the more the merrier. But in affiliate marketing, we choose products based on the one that we can earn more from, and we advise those affiliate marketers that would love to make money from affiliate marketing to do the same.

There are lots of products out there for you to choose from, but don’t rush into choosing any product without searching to see if your audience would love the product. Some products are known to attract more buyers than others, so ensure that you go for one or more of them.

Another way of choosing products that can attract people more is to choose products from reputable companies. Some companies are known to produce high-quality products, you might want to choose them because everyone loves good quality products. Ensure that whichever product you choose will enable you to build trust with your audience. An audience that gets bad products from you will likely call all your information a bluff and never trust your recommendations again.

Also, choose those products recommended by your audience. When your audience recommends a product in the course of your discussion, research that particular product and get to know all about it before promoting it. Following their recommendation ensures that your audience will like what you are promoting

Check the commission rate

There are lots of products in the market today with different commission rate, selling those with high commission rates increase your chances of cashing out big time. For instance, when you sell a product that costs #50,000 with a 10% commission rate, you will make #5000 from every sale.

Compare it with a product that costs #100,000 with 50% commission, one purchase from your audience can give you #50,000. So, you might want to consider the commission rate before choosing a product, and also, some affiliate marketing platforms are known to offer a higher commission than others.

Create more content

To keep your audience loyal to your site, you need to keep adding value to them by creating incredible content for them. You can make your content about 70% informative, to make it worth reading.

Also, always try to optimize your content by using the right keywords to rank well on search engines. You can go into product reviews, where you give honest opinions about certain products, talk about their pros and cons, and compare the products you are reviewing.  you can also build a comparison page for products and product round-ups.

Build more traffic

Do you want to know how to make money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria faster than ever? build traffic, the more targeted traffic you have, the more your chances of earning. We always advise affiliate marketers to have more than one source of traffic. Although websites and blogs are known to drive traffic more than any other methods, you can still use platforms like social media.

We tried advertising and it worked for us too. You can try both the free ads and the paid ones. So while driving traffic from other places, you can consider placing adverts for the products you are promoting on free websites or paid ones.

Make use of peak seasons like the holiday seasons and run ads. During seasons like Christmas, Ramadan, new year,  and the rest, certain products are in high demand, like lighting for the Christmas trees, you can use this opportunity to place ads for it in strategic places.

Evaluate your sources of traffic

This is very important, especially for those that are running paid ads. Make out time to evaluate the performance of all your sources of traffic to know those that are working just fine and those that need to be changed. If the placed ads are not generating leads as they should, you might consider placing the ads somewhere else.

Stay up to date

Chances are that you are reading this because you want to learn the latest tips on how to make money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria. The tips and techniques we provide for you here will keep changing as the years’ progress and digital marketing advances. So you need to keep yourself updated on the latest methods of how to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Don’t just rely on the techniques you learned long ago, search and learn the new techniques in affiliate marketing.

Follow the trend at all times. What is trending in the market now may not be trending in the next few weeks, months, or even days. Promoting trending products is always the best because they will give you a high conversion rate. You can use google trends to know what is trending or even follow the seasons like Christmas and Halloween trends.

Be patient

Ignore the get-rich syndrome and focus on growing gradually. Building credibility as a trusted affiliate marketer takes time, you need to give yourself a little time to work hard on doing that. Invest in your affiliate marketing careers by patiently following these proven ways that we have provided for you on how to make money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Tips on how to start affiliate marketing with no money in Nigeria

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Final thought

Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2023? Yes, it is. After reading these tips on how to make money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria, you still need to take action by applying them. The affiliate marketing world is highly competitive now, so stay active and keep checking this page for more updated tips.

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