How to Find Genuine Affiliate Marketing Jobs in Nigeria

affiliate marketing jobs in Nigeria

Are you a newbie affiliate marketer looking for ways to get affiliate marketing jobs in Nigeria? Then this post is for you! Without wasting time let’s dive into how you can get employed as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

1. Put Your Resume Online

One of the best ways to make recruiters and companies find you is by putting yourself where they can find you easily. There are lots of websites and platforms that allow you to post your resume. Some of these platforms (LinkedIn, Dice, Indeed, ZipRecruiter) are known to link affiliates searching for affiliate marketers jobs in Nigeria to recruiters/hiring managers. When uploading your resume online, you should endeavor to write a cover letter to go with it, as this may increase your chances of getting hired.

After uploading your resume online, chances are that when a recruiter searches for available job seekers for affiliate marketing jobs in Nigeria open to work, you will appear. This will be a good opportunity to impress the recruiter. This is why we recommend that you keep your resume up to date with the relevant skills and other requirements for affiliate marketers.

Another good part of uploading your resume online is that the platform may start sending you affiliate marketing job openings when recruiters post them. When you see these job listings, we advise that you don’t just jump into sending your applications immediately. Due to the large number of scammers on the internet, we always advise that you take out time to research the job poster and the company. Ensure that it’s a legit company before applying for the job.

How to get affiliate marketing jobs

Research how to apply for the particular affiliate marketing job posting that you are going for. This will help you know the right format and methods to take to land these jobs. For instance, most recruiters will ask you to send them an email with or without a cover letter. If you are asked to send an email with a cover letter, ensure that it is free from grammatical errors. Also, let your cover letter sell your skills and experience to the recruiter. State how you would add value to the company and the reason why you are the right person for the affiliate marketing job.

Just like the scenario above, the job may require that you fill out an application form instead of sending an email. Whichever one it is, ensure that you track your application by sending a follow-up email to remind the recruiter of your application in a very polite way. This is because recruiters usually receive thousands of emails from affiliate marketers and others that want the job too, so your email might get ‘lost’ or forgotten.

Places to post your resume

To get affiliate marketing jobs for beginners in Nigeria, you can post your resume in the following places:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Upwork
  • FlexJobs
  • TheMuse
  • AngelList
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Glassdoor
  • ResumeRabbit
  • Fiverr

2. Search for affiliate marketing jobs online

You don’t have to wait for clients to post for jobs on any platform. You can go ahead and use search engines to get the list of available affiliate marketing jobs in Nigeria. When you conduct a search, you will get several search results, and then you are expected to start clicking on each page to access the job lists. You don’t have to go through such stress.

Go to the platform you have uploaded your resume and search for affiliate marketing jobs in Nigeria. Fill in your location and you will get a list of affiliate marketing job posts all over the internet. These platforms will look for these vacancies from different sites and compile them for you.

You can also create a job alert for affiliate marketing on these job platforms. This will enable the platform or website to notify you whenever a company or recruiter posts an opening for an affiliate marketer. To save you from the stress of always searching for jobs whenever you log in. You can just click on the affiliate marketing job in Nigeria that is suitable for you, carry out your research to avoid scams, and apply for it. Also, ensure the affiliate marketing salary in Nigeria is worth it before you start the job.

3. Keep Networking

Another way of finding affiliate marketing jobs in Nigeria that people underestimate is networking. Connect to people that are relevant to your field on professional platforms like LinkedIn. When you are in the company of other affiliate marketers like you online, you might get one or two tips on how to get affiliate marketing jobs.

Let people know that you are looking for an affiliate marketing job. If it’s possible, go to places where you might meet potential clients either online or offline and try convincing them that you are just perfect for the job. Try not to sound desperate, just let the person see what their company tends to benefit from employing you.

Keep all your online profiles up to date and stay active online, on any platform that is relevant to affiliate marketing. Ensure that you take part in online discussions and make intelligent comments. Let people read your comments and know that you are not just an affiliate marketer but a smart one.

More Tips On How to Find Affiliate Marketing Jobs in Nigeria

Final thought

As an affiliate marketer, you will be working online most of the time, so stay active online while searching for an affiliate marketing job in Nigeria. Remember, the job recruiters want to employ competent affiliate marketers only. So, see every opportunity to communicate with recruiters as a golden opportunity to convince them of your competence.

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