Top 17 Affiliate Marketing Companies in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing Companies in Nigeria

If you are looking for the best affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria, you are on the right page. As you know, it’s not all the affiliate marketing companies out there that accept Nigerians. So if you want to grow as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, here are the top 17 that work in Nigeria.

1. Expertnaire Affiliate

This affiliate marketing company is owned by a Nigerian, Toyin Omotoso. It has gained the reputation of the fastest-growing affiliate marketing program in Nigeria, with thousands of users scattered all over the country. If you are into digital educational products like ebooks and downloads, then this platform is for you.

Benefits of Expertnaire:

  • High Commission
  • It is easy to sign up for it
  • They can pay directly to your bank account

If you want to promote products on a global level, Expertnaire may not be the best affiliate marketing company in Nigeria for you as most of their buyers are Nigerians too.

2. FlexOffers

Another affiliate marketing company in Nigeria that is beneficial to affiliate marketers, especially beginners is the FlexOffers. It has over 10,000 affiliates as of the time of compiling this list. With FlexOffers, you can refer another affiliate to the company and get up to 50% of the commission the affiliate makes on sales.

Benefits of FlexOffer:

  • High Commission
  • Safe payment option
  • They analyze the strength of your affiliate adverts and provide reports for you

It is quite easy to sign up for this platform, but when filling out a referral form to invite someone, your referral may not get approved.

3. Amazon Affiliate Program

One of the best ways for you to start and grow on a global level is to join one of the world’s largest retail companies, Amazon. This affiliate program is known all over the world, so it will be easier to build trust among your audience with a trusted company like this.

Benefits of Amazon affiliates:

  • It offers products from all niches
  • It accepts Nigerian affiliates
  • It is easy to receive payment from Amazon
  • High commission rate

The best way to succeed as an Amazon affiliate is to have a blog or website. This will help you build the type of audience that will buy your affiliate products. 

4. Jumia Kol Affiliate Program

Jumia, another world-class retail company is also one of the top affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria, just like Amazon. It has the reputation of accommodating affiliates from different niches, and it is also very easy to sign up.

Benefits of Jumia affiliate program:

  • It pays directly to your account
  • It is tested and trusted by many
  • You can sign up without a blog or website

One of the drawbacks of Jumia is its low commission. They do not pay high commissions but they offer you the chance to grow gradually as an affiliate marketer.

5. ClickFunnels

This is one of the top affiliate companies in Nigeria that trains affiliate marketers on how to use the platform and also become successful. It is used to generate lots of sales in any niche, so no matter your niche, ClickFunnels has an opportunity for you.

Benefits of ClickFunnels:

  • It has an easy sign-up process
  • It can be used to promote any product
  • It offers varieties of design template

ClickFunnel has been known to drive lots of traffic, but sometimes, it may be hard to convert traffics to sales.

6. JVZoo Affiliate

JVZoo is a top international affiliate company that accepts Nigerians and other nationalities. Lots of Nigerians are making it big time in this affiliate company. For those affiliates that want to promote digital products like ebooks, software, and more.

Benefits of JVZoo:

  • It is easy to sign up for
  • It is known to focus on digital products only
  • The platform is user friendly

7. TravelStart

Before signing up for JVZoo, ensure that you have a Paypal account because that is their only channel of payment. For those affiliates in the travel niche, TravelStart one of the top affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria is offering you a chance to make cool money. You get a commission from booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and lots more.

Benefits of TravelStart:

  • They pay a high commission
  • They are easy to use

This affiliate marketing platform is not for all niches. So if you are not into a travel niche, signing up for TravelStart may not benefit you.

8. Commission Junction

Commission Junction (CJ) is also one of the top affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria that offer both physical and digital products. So it is open to many niches.

Benefits of Commission Junction:

  • Easy to sign up
  • High Commission

Commission Junction sign-up process is quite easy but it may not accept you. There have been cases of affiliates being rejected or not approved. Study their criteria for acceptance before signing up.

9. ShareASale

This company has a good reputation and it accepts people from different parts of the world. They offer lots of physical products for you to promote, but they have limited digital products.

Benefits of ShareASale:

  • High Commission
  • Safe payment system

One of the drawbacks of ShareASale is its high rejection rate. Lots of affiliates have been rejected before now.

10. Luno Affiliate Program

Luno Affiliate became popular when cryptocurrencies became popular. This affiliate marketing company in Nigeria deals with cryptocurrencies only.

Benefits of Luno affiliates:

  • High Commission
  • Simplifies buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with credit cards

This top affiliate marketing company may not be beneficial to affiliates that are not in the cryptocurrency niche.

11. Bet9ja Affiliate

Bet9ja is one of the legit affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria for affiliate marketers in the sports niche. Their registration is free. And as a Bet9ja affiliate, you get to earn a 20% commission on every money that your referral wins or loses. So, you don’t need to win a sports bet to win money when you become a Bet9ja affiliate.

Benefits of Bet9ja affiliate:

  • Free registration
  • Earn on wins and losses

12. Wakanow Affiliate

If you are into the travel niche or you are a travel agent, signing up for this affiliate site is one of the legit ways you can make money in Nigeria. Wakanow affiliate marketers promote services like hotel bookings, car rentals, and other services or products that travelers usually need. This legit affiliate marketing site in Nigeria gives high commissions and also gives out its products at a discounted price.

Benefits of Wakanow:

  • High commissions
  • Safe payment service

13. PayPorte Affiliate Program

This affiliate site has a long range of products for you to promote. When it comes to rewarding affiliate marketers, PayPorte is loved by many people as registration is free, and you get a #1,000 reward on your profile after registering. It pays about 5 to 10% commission on each sale and it pays directly to your bank account.

Benefits of PayPorte

  • Free registration
  • Direct payment to the bank

14. IQ Affiliate Program

IQ is another legit affiliate marketing site in Nigeria for trading bitcoin. You can earn up to 50% of all the money the person you referred spends on IQ. Knowing how high the Bitcoin price is, this platform can give you lots of commissions. You just need to refer people to the site and let them start buying and selling Bitcoin.

Benefits of IQ Affiliate program:

  • Dual platform
  • High commission rate

15. Learnoflix Affiliate Program

This platform may not be as popular and saturated with Nigerians as those mentioned above but it is still one of the legit affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria. With Learnoflix, you get up to 50% commission on sales, and it is known to promote luxury products such as luxury perfumes, Dubai’s real estate offer, and lots more. It is one of the sure ways to ‘blow’ in Nigeria.

Benefits of Learnoflix Affiliate program:

  • 50% commission on sales
  • High end offers

16. Konga Affiliate Marketing Program

With over 100,000 users online, Konga Affiliate is one of the free affiliate programs in Nigeria with a track record of being legit. Unlike other affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria that require money for registration, Konga is free, and it offers a wide variety of products to promote. So you can always find products to promote to your audience.

Benefits of Konga Affiliate program:

  • Several products
  • Free registration

17. YSense Affiliate

YSense is one of the affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria that deals with online surveys and other little tasks online. You get paid for taking their survey questions and carrying out little tasks for them.

Benefits of YSense Affiliate:

  • Small tasks
  • Secured platform

When you become one of their affiliate marketers and refer someone, you will get paid. You will also get 20% of the total money the person earns on the YSense platform for a lifetime.

Which of the Affiliate Marketing Companies In Nigeria is the Best?

The best from this list of affiliate marketing in Nigeria depends on your niche and the type of product you want to market. You just have to find the most suitable one for your niche and products among these top affiliate marketing companies In Nigeria, listed above.

Other Tips on Affiliate Marketing

Final Thought

These are the top affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria to sign up for. Choose the one that best suits your niche and offers the products that you want to promote. Note, there are no affiliate programs that pay daily in Nigeria.

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