Top 5 High Commission Affiliate Marketing Sites in Nigeria

Legit Affiliate Marketing Sites in Nigeria

There are several platforms claiming to be the best affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria with high commissions. We have done extensive research on some of the popular affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria. You don’t have to join all the sites to find out about their Genuity. Just read on to find out those that have been tested and trusted by top Nigerian affiliate marketers. In no particular order, they are.


Expertnaire platform for affiliate marketers

Truth about Expertnaire

This affiliate website has won the heart of so many Nigerians as it has produced a lot of young millionaires within a short time. It is owned by a Nigerian, so it’s like an affiliate company built for the Nigerian audience but you could also target other countries.

Expertnaire sign-up fee

Upon signing up on Expertnaire, you are required to fill out a form and pay a yearly signup fee of N10,000 only. Once you’ve subscribed to this package you can access the products and start promotion.

The second way to join the platform is through the 721G package, this is like the premium package that will give you access to products and lots of tutorial materials to teach you how to succeed on the platform. The 721G package costs #62,500.

What percentage does Expertnaire pay?

The percentage you will receive depends on the product you are promoting. Unlike other affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria like Jumia and Konga, this platform offers up to 80% commission. And, all affiliate marketers receive their commissions every Friday.


Stakecut affiliate marketing platform

How legit is StakeCut?

StakeCut is very legit. It is one of the fast-rising and trusted affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria. You don’t even have anything to lose from becoming an affiliate on StakeCut. You just promote a business on the platform and when your audience buys one, you will get a commission.

Is StakeCut free?

Yes, StakeCut is absolutely free. It is one of the free affiliate programs in Nigeria. No subscription or membership fee is required for this legit affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria. Unlike Expertnaire which requires a registration fee, you can start your affiliate marketing on StakeCut with zero capital. Everyone has an equal chance on this platform, You can make 50% or more commission off a sale, which is not possible with the basic plans on Expertnaire.

When does StakeCut pay?

This legit affiliate marketing site pays its members every Monday. There are several payment options on StakeCut, you can choose to be paid in naira, dollars, or any other currency. They also pay you directly to your bank account, so you don’t need to have a PayPal or Payoneer account to receive your payment.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate program

Is Amazon Affiliate available in Nigeria?

Yes, you can sign up for the Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria and start making money. Amazon is one of the biggest sales sites in the world, so being an Amazon affiliate marketer is a sure way of growing on a global level. You get to sell products to your audience in different parts of the world.

Can anyone join the Amazon Affiliate program?

Yes, anyone can join the Amazon Affiliate program. But it is more beneficial to those that already have an audience that they can promote the products to. This is why bloggers, website owners, and those with a large audience on other platforms make it big time on Amazon affiliates.

How to receive Amazon payment in Nigeria

The easiest way to receive your payment on Amazon is through your Payoneer account. So, you might want to open a Payoneer account before you start.


JVZOO affiliate marketing platform

Can I use JVZoo in Nigeria

Yes, you can use JVZoo in Nigeria. JVZoo is another legit affiliate marketing site in Nigeria that is worth signing up for. As of the time of compiling this list, JVZoo has over 800,000 active members from all over the world, so it’s a good place to grow on a global scale. Lots of affiliate marketers in Nigeria are using this legit affiliate marketing site in Nigeria.

JVZoo Vs Clickbank

Although JVZoo and ClickBank have lots of things in common, the features that differentiate them are that JVZoo promotes only digital products while ClickBank is known to promote both digital and physical products. ClickBank uses Payoneer for withdrawals while JVZoo uses Paypal. ClickBank has a very high rejection rate, compared to JVZoo.

When does JVZoo pay

JVZoo’s payment policy is an immediate one. The only challenge is that the merchants can delay the commission until they are sure that there will be no refund. They can hold your commission for up to two months.


CLickfunnels affiliate marketing

ClickFunnel affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs that pay affiliate marketers well, you can make a 40% commission from a sale when your referral signups for a plan on the platform.

ClickFunnel is known to make use of sticky cookies, the type of cookie that lasts for a long time. So even if it takes your referral many months before he/she makes another purchase on the platform, you will still earn a commission from the sale. We call it ‘the cookie that never forgets’

Is ClickFunnel free

No, you are required to pay a subscription fee as a member. There are two types of subscription plans on ClickFunnel, the basic plan, which cost $97, and the $297 monthly premium subscription plan which gives you access to several tools on ClickFunnels to help you scale up the success ladder.

Does ClickFunnel accept Nigerians?

Yes, ClickFunnel accepts Nigerians and other nationalities in the world. There are lots of Nigerians that are making it big time on this legit affiliate marketing site in Nigeria.

Other Tips On Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

Final Thought

There are lots of legit affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria where you can sign up and start making money online. You can signup for all 5 sites on our list or choose the ones that will serve you best.

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