How to Stop Auto Renewal on Airtel [2023 New Codes]

How to Stop Auto Renewal on Airtel

If you are reading this, then chances are that you are searching for how to stop auto renewal on Airtel. This is just the right page for you to get all the information you need to successfully disable auto renewal service on Airtel.

We know what it means to keep losing your precious airtime all in the name of the auto-renewal of a service that you may not need anymore. The most annoying of all is the one that you never knew that you have activated. The only thing that you keep noticing is your airtime being deducted. It’s time to take charge of your airtime once again.

How to cancel auto renewal on Airtel 

Now, let’s talk about how to stop auto renewal on the Airtel network in 2023. There are several ways to cancel auto-renewal on the Airtel network. And we are going to talk about all these ways, so you don’t have to keep losing your airtime over a service that you may not need.

The first one that we are going to talk about is the automatic prevention method. Whenever you are to activate or buy something like a data bundle on Airtel, you are allowed to select auto-renewal service or a one-time purchase. To save yourself from the stress of searching for how to cancel auto-renewal on Airtel, select the one-time purchase option.

And if you ever find yourself in need of a subscription again, you can subscribe as many times as you want. But do not activate auto-renewal if you will not be needing such a subscription in the long run. 

How to cancel auto renewal on Airtel via SMS

For those searching for how to stop auto renewal on Airtel via SMS, this is how to go about it;

  • Open your messaging app and type ‘STOP’ as a message and sent it to 141
  • Alternatively, you can type ‘STOP AUTO RENEW’ or type the message without spaces like this ‘STOPAUTORENEW’. And send it as a message to 440.
  • Airtel Nigeria will send you a message to inform you that you have opted out of Airtel auto-renewal service.

How to stop auto renewal on Airtel via USSD code

Just in case you missed the auto renewal and one-time purchase options, you can still cancel the auto-renewal. And the easiest way to do this is by dialing the code *362#. 

From the options on your screen, select 2, which is ‘opt out’, this will automatically cancel any subscription that is on auto renewal mode. 

Alternatively, you can go through the shorter route by dialing *362*2#. This will remove all the auto-renewals on your line. 

If you are on the Android bundles, you can dial *438*100# and send it. this shortcode will stop your subscription from getting renewed whenever it gets expired. 

For the mega bundles, you can cancel their auto-renewal by dialing *408*100#. Dial any of these codes accordingly and say goodbye to unnecessary deducting because of auto-renewal. 

How to stop auto renewal on Airtel via Airtel customer care

Apart from the Airtel auto-renewal deactivation code, there are other guides on how to stop auto-renewal on Airtel Nigeria. This last but not least tip on how to stop auto renewal on Airtel involves calling Airtel customer care and waiting for them to pick up. You can call Airtel customer care by dialing 111. 

When they finally pick up your call, tell them that you want to opt out of Airtel auto-renewal service. You will be asked to confirm your number and give them a little time to work on it. 

The moment they are through with canceling the auto-renewal on your line, they will send a message to you. This message will inform you that the auto-renewal service has been canceled on your line. 

You can still reach Airtel customer service on Twitter through their official handle @airtel-care. Send them a message about your problem and they will respond by deactivating whatever you want to deactivate on your line.  

How do I stop Airtel sim auto-renewal?

This is how to stop auto renewal on Airtel, dial *362*2#, and send. This will automatically remove the auto-renewal service on your Airtel sim card. You will also receive a message confirming that you have opted out of auto-renewal.  


You no longer have to put up with any deduction that you are not aware of. Use any of the tips that we have shared here on how to stop auto renewal on Airtel and save your airtime for something more important to you.

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