How to Check My Airtel Number in Nigeria [4 Easy Steps]

how to check my airtel number in nigeria

Forgetting your phone number at crucial moments is very common, which is why there are many Google searches on how to check my Airtel number in Nigeria. Maybe you are in the bank or somewhere where you need to fill out a form and your Airtel number is required. Or you want to give your phone number to someone and then realize that you can’t remember your phone number. We know what those moments of being in desperate need of your phone number feel like, and we are here to answer all your Google searches on how to check my Airtel number in Nigeria.

So whether you have forgotten your number because it’s an old number that you hardly give out or you never memorized it, the goal is to get your number back and we are here to help you do that.

How to check my Airtel number in Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria has provided lots of ways for its users searching for ‘how to check my Airtel number in Nigeria’ on Google to achieve it with ease. You can do this via mobile number using USSD shortcode, mobile services like Airtel mobile app, calling a friend or family, calling customer care, and through the use of IVR.

Shortcode to check Airtel number

Your Google search for ‘how to check my Airtel number’ has come to an end as Airtel Nigeria has provided a way to do this through mobile number using USSD code. To use this, dial *282# from your phone app and send.

Ensure that you are sending the code via the Airtel line that you want to get its number. A message containing your Airtel phone number will be sent to you. You can screenshot the message and copy out the phone number for future reference. 

Alternatively, you can dial *121# using your phone app. Ensure that you are sending this code via the Airtel line you want to get its number. Some options will appear on your screen, select the number 3 option, which is ‘my account’.

Another set of options will appear on your screen, from the options, select option number 4, which is ‘my number’. Your number will pop up on your screen immediately.

Screenshot it, and try to save it somewhere to avoid repeating this process whenever you need to get your number. Because you may need it when you are out of network coverage. 

How to check my Airtel phone number via Airtel app

So long as you have an internet connection, you can always check your Airtel number without going to type how to check my Airtel number in Nigeria on your search engine. Just turn on your mobile data and open your Airtel app. If you don’t have the app, download the app from the Google play store for Android users and the Apple Store for iOS users. 

On the top, you will find your profile, open it and you will see your phone number displayed there. But, this method is only meant to help those with the Airtel app. So if you do not have the app yet, go to the play store on your phone and download it.

It is very easy to install using Android or IOS. To set the app up, you will have to register with your phone number which you do not know yet. So you might want to use the first method first to get your phone number if you do not have the app already. You can set the app up later, for future use.

How to check for my Airtel number by Calling a friend or family member

We find this method quite easy to use because you just need to dial a close friend’s or family member’s number and tell the person to text you your number. This has saved so many of us from having to google how to check my Airtel number every time we need our numbers.

The best part of this method is that you can always use the message sent by the person as a reference whenever you need your number. So many of us have even made use of this method in the bank with a stranger’s phone number.

If you can approach a stranger in the bank and explain to the person, he or she may allow you to flash his/her phone number and collect your Airtel number from the stranger’s phone. In Nigeria, you will find many people willing to help you out with this in the bank, to save you from calling that friend who never picks up his/her calls.

Do you know that you can also call customer care? Yes, you can call them to help you with your phone number. But only when you are not in so much haste to get your phone number. Because Airtel customer care or customer service representatives always take their time before picking up calls.

How to check for my Airtel number through IVR

The IVR, which stands for interactive voice response is a telephone messaging system that interacts with callers and gives them directions and instructions on how to get solutions or answers to their questions. When Airtel subscribers want to get answers to their search on how to check my Airtel number, they can dial 121 and send.

The automated telephone message will give you instructions on the numbers to press based on your request. 


How do I know my Airtel Nigeria number? 

To View your Airtel mobile number or check your Airtel number in Nigeria, the shortest USSD code to dial is *282#. This will give you a flash message containing your Airtel phone number.


You no longer have to google how to check my Airtel number in Nigeria anymore because we have all the answers you need right here. All you need to do is to go with one of the methods and remember to save your Airtel number somewhere when you check it, to keep your Airtel number ready to be viewed at all times.

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