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how to do share and sell on MTN

Looking for how to do share and sell on MTN? Look no further because this post has everything you need to know about share and sell on MTN. This service helps MTN users to transfer airtime from their balance to other MTN users.  You can transfer your airtime from your balance to another MTN user. In this article, I will guide you through the process and provide other information you need.

I Forgot My MTN Share N Sell Pin

Before you can do share and sell on MTN, you need a transfer pin. If you have created it already and probably forgot the pin, you want to recover it. Firstly, you need the following details: the mother’s maiden name, date of birth, and state of origin. All details must correspond with the ones you provided when registering your SIM card.

There are actually two ways to recover or reset your forgotten pin. You should try the second if the first one I will be explaining below does not work.  The second is by reaching out to the customer care department for help. Call 180 or the new code 300 and ask to speak with a customer care representative.

Here is the first solution to your forgotten transfer pin:

  • Dial the new code *321#
  • Select SME Data Share
  • Then select the option or number that says Pin Retrieval & Reset
  • Now, enter your mother’s maiden name as requested.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Type in your state of origin
  • If the information you provided is the same as the one you used to register your SIM card, you will be sent your forgotten password.

How To Create MTN Share N Sell pin 

If this is your first time trying to do MTN share N sell, Learning how to do share and sell on MTN is not the only thing you should know; you should also know that it is not even possible to share airtime without a transfer pin. 

Another thing you should know is that MTN Share N Sell already comes with a default transfer pin of 0000, which you need to change to your own pin for privacy’s sake. So I want to take you on a short process of creating an MTN Share N Sell transfer pin. 

Creating MTN Share n Sell pin with SMS

  • Open your messaging app.
  • Send default pin + new pin + new pin to 321
  • Like this: 0000 5678 5678 to 321
  • Note that your new PIN must be only four digits of your choice.

Creating MTN Share n Sell with USSD code

  • Dial *321*, “default pin,” “new pin” #


  • Dial *600 *default pin *new pin *new pin #.
  • Like this: if your new preferred pin is 5678
  • *600*0000*5678*5678# 


  • *600*0000*5678*5678# 
  • Once you’ve dialed the code, you did get a notification that you’ve changed your pin successfully.

Which Tariff Plan Allows MTN Share And Sell

Most MTN users just learning how to do share and sell on MTN will probably want to know the tariff plan that allows that, or am I wrong? Now here is the answer to that; MTN does not limit share n sell to any tariff plan.  All MTN tariff plan allows it and it is the same process for all.

MTN Share and Sell Data Code

It is pertinent to note that MTN Share N Sell only works for the sharing of airtime. However, you can also share data on MTN. The service is called MTN data gifting, and here is how it works. You can transfer data from your data balance to another MTN user. It also allows you to buy data as a gift for your friends or family from your line.  Here is how to transfer data from your balance to another MTN user:

  • Dial the new code *321#
  • Select 6 for gift data.
  • Now, from the gift data services list, reply with 1, which is to transfer from the data balance.
  • Input the recipient’s phone number. 
  • Select a data amount you wish to share from the list
  • Select proceed. 

You should note that the maximum amount you can transfer with this service in a day is 2GB. Plus, you cannot transfer SME data; only MTN direct subscriptions can be shared. However, you can buy as much as 20GB for friends using the “buy for a friend” option.


How To Create Pin For MTN Share 

Mtn share n sell is the same as MTN share, so if you want to create an MTN share pin, follow the same process as explained on how to do share and sell on MTN.

Bottom Line 

Mtn share and sell is one special service that allows you to transfer airtime to friends and family from your balance.  The service is easy to use once you follow the processes explained in this post. I hope you now know how to do share and sell on MTN. Visit again for more useful updates.

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