9mobile data code for 200 for 1GB | Cheap data

9mobile data code for 200 for 1GB

Here comes another code for a cheap data bundle, the 9mobile data code for 200 for 1GB. Etisalat has always been known for giving out lots of free and affordable data plans. And now that it has changed its name from Etisalat to 9mobile, it even got better.

Now, we can enjoy a 1GB data bundle for as little as N200, without any hidden charges. There are lots of codes that give you other data bundles for as low as N200 too, but today, we are going to be talking about the 9mobile data code for 200 for 1GB.

9mobile 200 for 1GB for 3 days

We are going to take a look at all the 9mobile data cheat codes for 200, which you can enjoy at all times. The first one that we will be looking at is the 9mobile data code for 200 for 1GB general data bundle. To activate this, you have to be on the 9mobile MoreCliq service. But if you are not on this tariff plan already, you can migrate by following these steps

Go to your phone app and dial *244*1# and send. You can also follow the long process by dialing 200, then following the manual instructions and selecting 2. This will process your request for migration to the MoreCliq tariff.

After migrating to the MoreCliq service, dial *929*10# to activate the 9mobile data for 200 for 1GB. 9mobile is known to give 1.5GB to its users that subscribe to this data bundle instead of the 1GB they are expecting. This data bundle lasts for only 3 days

Etisalat 200 for 1GB for 7 days

The second 9mobile data plan code for 200 for 1GB that we will be looking at is the one that can last for 5 days currently, it does not last for 7 days as many people believed. This 9mobile data code for 200 for 1GB works perfectly well for those that have lots of things to do online for a period, like downloading heavy files and others. If you are not a heavy user of data, this bundle may expire before you finish it.

To activate this Etisalat 200 for 1GB, dial *229*10*15# and send it. This will activate the 1GB data bundle for just N200.

9mobile data code for 200 Naira

The third one is the 9mobile data code for 200 for 1GB YouTube night plan. This data bundle allows you to stream lots of videos online and browse through your favorite YouTube channels from 1:00 am to 5:00 am every night.

If you are the type of 9mobile subscriber that loves to watch videos and listen to audio online, then this data plan is just for you. It gives you access to your favorite videos on YouTube for as little as N200.

To activate this YouTube night bundle, dial *200*3#. Or you can dial *200# and choose 3 from the options, to activate the 9mobile 200 for 1GB YouTube data plan.

The last 9mobile data code for 200 for 1GB that we will look at today is the 9mobile data code for 200 for 1GB night plan. This allows you to browse through your favorite sites at midnight hours when networks seem to have less traffic.

To activate this, dial *229*3*11#, and send it. Then go on to enjoy your midnight browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get 1.5GB in 9mobile

The 9mobile data code for 1.5GB IS *929*10*15#. This code is originally meant to give you 1GB, but 9mobile gives 1.5GB with this code. Or dial*229*10*15# and send.

Final Note

If you are one of those asking what is the code for 9mobile data, we have provided the answers to your questions here. There are lots of 9mobile data codes for 200 for 1GB, choose the one that will be more convenient for you as all of them do not last for the same number of days. Enjoy browsing with your 9mobile line.

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