Cheap Data | 9mobile Data Code for 500 for 2GB

9mobile Data Code for 500 for 2GB

Everyone wants cheap data plans like the 9mobile data code for 500 for 2GB. One of the reasons why so many of us love 9mobile is because it has provided so many codes for us to dial. 

Let’s not forget that 9mobile is the darling mobile network of those Nigerians who work online and those who love to stay connected online because its network is strong, fast, and affordable in most areas.

New Update: As of 13th May 2023, MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile announced that there will be a harmonization of their codes for Airtime, Data, and other services. What this means is: you can use one code to chep data plans on MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile. Instead of the procedure in this post, all networks will use one code.

Once this update is complete every other code will no longer work. These new shortcodes by NCC are to help users remember a single code instead of several codes. Until the harmonization is complete, the codes on this post on 9mobile Data Code for 500 for 2GB remains valid. Read on.

Why Choose 9mobile cheap data plans?

9mobile has lots of cheap daily and weekly data plans for everyone, and one of the latest of these affordable 9mobile data bundle codes is the 9mobile code for 500 for 2GB. 

You can enjoy cheap data bundles, such as the 9mobile code for 500 for 2GB by activating the code and using up the data before its expiry date.

Etisalat 500 for 2GB

The Etisalat network, now called 9mobile offers 2GB for just N500. But before we talk about the 9mobile code for the 500 weekly data plan, we want you to know certain things about this plan. 

  • It is valid for only 3 days
  • It offers a speedy connection
  • It can be used anytime, both day and night
  • The 2GB is for as low as N500 
  • With a grace of two days, you can recover the unused data of 9mobile data code for 500 for 2GB
  • Your data consumption is optimized
  • The offer is available to all 9mobile users
  • When you activate auto-renewal, unused data will be rolled over immediately after an auto-renewal takes place
  • You do not need a VPN for this data bundle
  • Lastly, remember that it is a social bundle, so you can use it to open apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and many others.

9mobile data plan code 

For those of you asking what the code for the 9mobile data plan is, keep reading to find out. Because we have shared the 9mobile data plan code for 500 for 2GB here.

First of all, ensure that you top up your airtime balance to N500. You can do this by buying a 9mobile recharge card and recharging through your bank, or ATM stand. You can also borrow airtime from 9mobile to top up your airtime balance by dialing *665#, or *665*amount#

When you are sure of your airtime balance, dial the 9mobile code for 500 for 2GB, which is *200*3*1*1*5*4#, and send. 

You will be asked to select 1 if you want to auto-renew the subscription or 2 for a one-time purchase. Select whichever one you are comfortable with and enjoy your 2GB.

Codes to check 9mobile 500 for a 2GB data plan

  1. To check the balance on your 2GB+social data bundle, follow these steps
  2. Go to your phone app (the app for dialing numbers)
  3. Dial *228# and send it.
  4. Details of your data balance will be sent to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to subscribe on Etisalat 500 to 2GB

To subscribe to the Etisalat or 9mobile 500 for 2GB social data bundle, you can dial *200*3*1*1*5*4# or simply dial *229*3*4#.

Why go for 9mobile data code for 500 for 2GB?

You should consider this option because it is more affordable and you can download any information online without spending lots of money on data subscription. The 9mobile data code for 500 for 2GB is stated above. Simply follow the steps and prompts to activate the subscription.

Final say

There are lots of codes to subscribe to the 9mobile data bundle, and we have shared one of them here, which is the 9mobile data code for 500 for 2GB.

You can use this code to enjoy 2BG for as little as N500 for 3 days, or better still, read our next post on 9mobile data code for 200 for 1GB, to keep enjoying cheap data bundles from 9mobile

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