Updated GOtv Jinja Channels List & Price 2023

gotv jinja channels list

This article contains GOtv Jinja channels list 2023, GOtv Jinja packages, and their channel numbers. Dstv and GOtv seem to be the dominant cable TV in Nigeria and most other African countries. However, most Nigerians seem unable to afford its huge monthly subscriptions, and Startime, which can be referred to as an alternative, is not getting the needed attention. Hence, many just own GOtv decoders and don’t even use them at all. This prompted MultiChoice to release cheaper packages, which most people can afford. It has 52 channels and its GOtv Jinja subscription is N1,900 for 30 days.

GOtv Jinja is currently the cheapest GOtv package after Smallie. The downside of using this package is that it only offers a limited number of TV channels. You sure want to know if your favorite channel is included in the package, don’t you? So I would like to share with you the list.

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GOtv Jinja Channels List: Entertainment and movie channels

  • African Magic Epic – channel 9
  • African Magic, Igbo – channel 11
  • African magic Hausa – channel 4
  • African Magic Yoruba, channel 5
  • TVC Entertainment – channel 27
  • E! Entertainment – channel 26
  • Trybe – channel 97
  • Real time – channel 12

GOtv Jinja Channels List: Sports and games 

  • Super Sports Blitz – channel 30
  • Super Sports Select 2– channel 34

GOtv Jinja Channels List: Music channels

  • Sound City – channel 75

GOtv Jinja Channels List: News channels

  • Arise News – channel 44
  • Al-Jazeera – channel 40
  • TVC News – channel 45
  • NTA News 24 – Channel 46
  • Channels TV – channel 48
  • NTA Parliament – channel 115
  • AIT – channel 93

GOtv Jinja Channels List: Religious channels

  • Islam channel – channel 81
  • Dove channel – channel 83
  • Emmanuel TV – channel 82
  • Faith – channel 80

GOtv Jinja Channels List: Kiddies 

  • Jim Jam – channel 61
  • Nickelodeon – channel 62

GOtv Jinja Channels List: Documentaries

  • Spice TV – channel 10

GOtv Jinja Channels list: Local TV channels

  • Sunna TV – channel 84
  • Lagos TV – channel 90
  • NTA International – channel 91
  • Silverbird – channel 92
  • ONMAX – channel 96
  • Wazobia TV – channel 98
  • Galaxy TV – channel 99
  • OGTV – channel 100
  • Arewa 24 – channel 101
  • WAP TV – channel 102
  • RSTV – channel 103
  • EBS – channel 104
  • BCOS – channel 105
  • iTV Benin – channel 107
  • Biscon TV – channel 108
  • Liberty TV – channel 110
  • Tiwa n Tiwa – channel 111
  • R2TV – channel 112
  • Rave – channel 113
  • NTA2 – channel 114

GOtv Jinja Channels List: Radio channels

  • Naija FM – channel 301
  • Wazobia FM – channel 303.

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How much is GOtv Jinja subscription?

To subscribe to a GOtv Jinja package, it costs N2250 a month. This is the new and current price.

How many channels does Gotv Jinja have?

Since it is a small GOtv package, it has only 52+ channels, which include two radio channels; Wazobia FM and Naija FM.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is Zee World on GOtv Jinja?” answer-0=”No, you can only find Zee World on bigger packages like GOtv Max or Plus.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Is channel 29 on GOtv Jinja” answer-1=”No, you cannot access channel 29 on GOtv Jinja” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Is Super Sports available on GOtv Jinja?” answer-2=”GOtv Jinja has only two sports channels, which are Super Sports Select Two and Super Sports Blitz.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Can I upgrade my GOtv Jinja to GOtv Max?” answer-3=”Just like DSTV users can upgrade to a bigger package, users of GOtv Jinja or other smaller packages can upgrade to GOtv Max if they want to.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

How do I renew my GOtv Jinja subscription?

You can easily renew your subscription by using the Quickteller website and paying with your debit card, or you can walk into any GOtv outlet near you.


I believe you now have knowledge of the GOtv Jinja channels list and the current price of its monthly subscription. Visit again for more useful information like this. Feel free to drop a comment if you have questions.