How to Reset GOtv Decoder : 2023 Tips

How to Reset GoTv Decoder

Are you looking to learn how to reset GOtv decoders? If yes, you have come to the right place. Resetting a GOtv decoder is easy and not as difficult as many people think it is. You don’t need to start calling the GOtv customer care number when you can do it yourself without any hurdles. Resetting a GOtv means that you want it to restore to default, just like when you bought it new.

Here is what you are going to learn:

  • How to reset GOtv decoder with remote
  • How to reset GOtv decoder without remote
  • How to reset GOtv decoder online
  • How to rescan GOtv decoder
  • How to clear error codes on GOtv

When you reset your Gotv decoder, you lose your settings; however, irrespective of how unfortunate it sounds, there are a whole lot of benefits that come with it.

Reasons why you should reset your GOtv decoder

  • To clear error codes
  • When you reset GOtv, you can get newly added features.
  • If your GOtv is not running smoothly, a reset will definitely help.
  • Control and navigation become stable.

How to reset GOtv decoder with remote

You can easily reset your GOtv decoder on your own without requesting help from an agent or calling customer care. Follow the below steps to reset your GOtv with your remote:

  • Turn on your decoder and boot it up.
  • Grab your remote and click on the menu button.
  • Once it displays, select the advance option.
  • Click on installation and enter
  • Select the reset option
  • It will automatically reset and start rebooting.
  • Once it turns on, press OK on your remote to agree to the first-time installation.
  • Save the preferred language as English.
  • Choose your country.
  • Press ok
  • Leave it to finish scanning and searching for available channels. Once it finishes, every channel on the decoder will appear.

How to reset GOtv without remote

There are almost three ways to reset your GOtv decoder without your remote if you are not clear on how to do it with it or if you tried it with a remote and nothing worked. If you’ve tried that and it appears that nothing changed, then consider any of these three without the remote option.

Resetting GOtv with SMS

  • To reset your GOtv decoder via SMS:
  • Open your phone’s messaging app.
  • SMS reset +iuc code to 4688

If you don’t know where to get your IUC code, check the back of your decoder on the red sticker where it is written.

Resetting the GOtv decoder online using GOtv self-service

You can also reset your decoder online via your Gotv self-service account. Follow the below steps to do that:

  • Navigate to the GOtv website.
  • Log in to your Easy GOtv account with your surname and IUC number.
  • Locate the Gptb self-service option and click on it.
  • Click to clear error codes.
  • Input your IUC code.
  • Select the gotvE16 option.
  • Input the error code that displays on your screen.
  • Click on clear error.”
  • Hence, click on the “Reset Device Now” option.
  • Your decoder will be reset, which you can turn on to see if it worked.

Resetting a GOtv decoder via USSD code

If you’ve tried all the above means to reset your GOtv but they all seem to not be working and error codes continue to display on your screen, then try this last option.

Dial *423# or *288*1# on your phone. This will help you speak with the customer care representative. You can file your complaints and request a reset from their end since you’ve tried from yours but to no avail. They will surely help you reset it, though you are expected to provide some details like your name and the IUC number of your decoder.

How to rescan GOtv decoder

The reason you might want to rescan your decoder is mostly when a particular channel is not showing or perhaps some channels cannot be accessed again. Follow the below steps to rescan your GOtv decoder:

  • Switch on your decoder.
  • Press the menu button on your remote.
  • Select the advanced option.
  • Click on “Installation.”
  • Click on automatic scan.”
  • Leave it to scan for a few minutes; hence, exit.


  • Long-hold the power button on your remote.
  • Wait till it turns off.
  • It starts scanning instantly; allow it to finish scanning.


What happens if I reset my GOtv?

Resetting is just to clear error codes and enhance functionalities. Once reset, everything goes back to default, just like when you purchased it new.

Why is my GOtv not showing any channels?

If your GOtv is not showing any channels,  perhaps your subscription has expired or something else happened. If you just reset your GOtv and it stops showing any channel, then consider a rescan.

How to reset GOtv decoder in Uganda

Resetting a GOtv in any country is still the same process. If you are in Uganda, follow any of the methods in this post to reset your GOtv.

Bottom Line

Resetting a GOtv decoder is simple and easy. Just follow the steps in this post. I hope you find this article on how to reset Gotv decoder helpful. Visit again for more useful updates.