How to Activate GOtv After Payment: Fastest Way

how to activate gotv

If what you are searching for is how to activate GOtv decoders for the first time after purchase, then you are on the right page. After purchasing a GOtv decoder and installing it and the antenna, the next big step is activating it to make it start showing the different available channels. Most people don’t know how to do this; some even spend money to do it by requesting the services of a GOtv agent. 

So I will like to discuss the different processes on how to activate GOtv for the first time yourself without stress or spending a dime.

How To Activate GOtv After Payment

There are a lot of options you can use to activate your new GOtv. Some of these include online activation, manual or remote control activation, USSD code activation, and SMS activation.

GOtv Activation Online

This is the activation.

  • Open your phone and load this link:
  • Input all requested details: name, email, and location.
  • Type in your IUC code or serial number.
  • Input your phone number.
  • Tap the “Activate new account” icon.
  • Done!

How to activate GOtv using SMS

  • To activate a GOtv account using SMS
  • Open your messaging app
  • Text: 

accept * IUC number* surname* mobile number* city * your gotv package # to  4688.

Like this: 

accept* 1234567890 *Michael* 08112345678* Abuja* gotv smallie # to “4688.”

How to activate GOtv using a USSD code

To activate your new decoder using the USSD code

  • Dial  *423#
  • Follow the prompts to activate your account.

How to activate GOtv via customer care

If you find any of the above alternatives not working, then you can give this a trial.

Below are the GOtv customer care numbers you can dial to activate your account without wasting time.

Call 012703232

You can also call any of these multi-choice hotlines.

  • MTN: 08149860333
  • GLO: 08113630333
  • Airtel: 07080630333 
  • 9Mobile: 09090630333

How To Update Information On Your GOtv Account

If you no longer use a particular email or phone number you used in activating your account, and just gotten a new one; follow the steps below to update your information.

  • For email: Text your email + IUC code to 4688.
  • For phone number: Text your new phone number + IUC codes to 4688.

What Is A GOtv Agent ID?

The GOtv agent ID is a 10-digit IUC or serial number that serves as an ID for all GOtv customers. It is popularly known by many as a GOtv agent or customer ID. You need this ID number to do almost anything on your GOtv, from account activation to management, payment of subscriptions, and clearing error codes on your GOtv. So it is a very important code.

How To Get GOtv Agent ID

If you just bought your GOtv decoder, you can get your agent ID by doing the following:

  • Carry your decoder and turn it upside down.
  • You did see a red sticker with some codes.
  • Copy the codes; that’s your agent ID.


  • Turn on your decoder.
  • Press the menu button on your remote.
  • Select “information central” 
  • You did see your GOtv IUC codes displayed.
  • That’s your agent ID.


If you tried all of the above but still have not seen your agent ID, contact GOtv customer care or visit any of their outlets, so they can help you get your IUC code or agent ID.

How To Activate GOtv Without Agent ID

To activate your new GOtv decoder and start seeing channels, you need to activate your GOtv account. Hence, becoming a verified user, there is almost no way for you to activate your account without your agent ID. 

So first seek to know your agent or customer ID. Just follow any of the instructions on how to get a GOtv agent ID here and follow any of the processes to activate your account. If you experience any issues doing that, you can simply contact the customer care number using any of the numbers in this post.


What is the code to activate GOtv?

For easy and seamless activation, just dial *423# and follow the prompt.

Is it possible to activate my GOtv without my agent ID?

No, it’s not possible. This is so because your agent or customer ID is your identification as a GoTv customer. Without it, you cannot activate your account.

How much does it cost to activate my GOtv?

It costs nothing to activate your GOtv account. However, if you are using the SMS or USSD methods, then SMS charges are applied. Online activation will only cost you your mobile data—no extra charges!


Activating a new GOtv decoder is very easy and has a lot of methods. First things first, get your IUC code, otherwise known as your customer or agent ID, and then proceed using any one of the methods. I hope you find this article on how to activate GOtv decoders for the first time helpful. Visit again for more useful information like this.