Why did my Liked Videos on TikTok Disappear: Quick Fix

why did my liked videos on tiktok disappear

Why did my liked videos on TikTok disappear? 

Why can’t I see all my liked videos on TikTok?

Why are my TikTok liked videos not updating?

Does TikTok unlike videos I’ve liked after a while? 

If you have ever searched for terms like this, then this post has the answers you seek. There are so many reasons why any of these scenarios can happen, from a glitch on TikTok to you logging out from your account. 

Liking a video means that you find it interesting and are hoping to either watch it again or want TikTok to continue showing that kind of content on its for-you page. So, I understand why you are worried that these videos are lost. In this post, I will explain why this happens, and how can it be solved.

Why Can’t I See All My Liked Videos On TikTok?

It can be very annoying to visit your liked page on TikTok only to see that your liked videos have all disappeared or that your video likes have disappeared or been reduced. This problem is what many Tiktokers often complain about, honestly, it is annoying.

There are 5 common reasons for this, which I’ll discuss.

#1 The video was deleted

Why does TikTok unlike videos I’ve liked? There are so many reasons for this and the first one is that the videos have been deleted by the owner. This is a popular scenario that most people don’t think of. If the videos you liked were deleted by their respective owners, there’s no way they will reappear on your liked videos page; they’re gone forever, and there’s no way you can get them back! So don’t even bother yourself, because TikTok won’t notify you that it was deleted.

#2 The video was made private

This is another reason you may not be able to see all your favorite videos. The person who posted the videos may have restricted the public from viewing the video by making it private. In such a situation, the video will disappear from your like page. You can see it again if, later, the person changes the privacy settings to allow the public to view it.

#3 The video was pulled down by TikTok upon review

Just like every other social media platform, TikTok has its policies. So if any video violates any of its user policies, such videos might be pulled down by TikTok. This may be the reason you can’t see the video on your liked page.

#4 You are not logged in to TikTok

Since you don’t need to log in to watch TikTok, this could be the issue; you might not be logged in on TikTok. So logging in is the only way to view your favorite videos.

#5 Reached liked videos limit

Though, TikTok does not say there’s a limit to the videos you can like. However, there are some assertions or rumors that there may be a limit to the number of TikTok videos you can like. Y

How To Fix TikTok Liked Videos Disappearing

The issue of liked TikTok videos disappearing is very common. Here are some quick-fix approaches:

  • Restart the app.
  • Make sure your data connection is stable, as TikTok often requires a strong Internet connection to function well.
  • Turn off VPN if on. 
  • Try logging out and logging in again.
  • Update the app to a new version if it’s outdated.
  • Report the glitch to TikTok.
  • Uninstall and reinstall TikTok (you may lose draft videos).
  • Why Does TikTok Unlike Videos I’ve Liked?

TikTok does not have any right whatsoever to unlike videos you’ve liked. The issue is probably a glitch, or perhaps the owner made it private or deleted the video permanently.

FAQ on Why did my Liked Videos on TikTok Disappear?

Why Did My TikTok Likes Disappear?

If you noticed that your likes on your videos disappeared or decreased, the like is probably from a bot, or maybe some of those who liked it before later unlike it, or might even be a glitch from TikTok. Just try out some of the quick fix tips shared in this post.

Why Did My TikTok Videos Disappear?

If your video disappears from your posts, it’s probably because it violated TikTok policy and was pulled down, or maybe due to a glitch. If you think it’s a glitch, contact TikTok or use any of the quick fix methods.

Bottom Line

It’s common for TikTok users to complain that some of their liked videos are missing, and believe me, this can be annoying. I believe with this post, anyone should know the answer to the question, “Why did my liked videos on TikTok disappear?” and be able to fix it and get their liked videos back without hassle. Visit again for more useful updates.

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