How to Make Money on Telegram 2023

make money on telegram

This article is meant for people that are looking make money on Telegram. So if you are looking for how you can start making money on telegram, then this is just the article that you need to read.

Before I talk about all the tips on how to make money on Telegram, do you know what telegram is all about?

What is Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app that is growing rapidly in popularity. It is also one of the safest social media platforms to use, as each message you send is encrypted, meaning no third party has access to it.
Telegram was officially launched in 2013 and has been growing since then. It currently has over 700 million users worldwide.

Telegram does not award its users with any gift or bonus, so you cannot make money on telegram through promotion. However, to make money on telegram you need an audience. Fortunately, you can get an audience through telegram groups and telegram channels.

Telegram channel

The telegram channel is one of the tools that telegram users use to reach their audience. It is used to make themed groups and make broadcasts to them concerning anything. It is quite different from normal groups on messaging app because no user can send messages to the channel except the admin.

If you are serious about learning how to make money on telegram, consider opening a telegram channel. It is way more organized way to have a group, as you don’t have to worry about a user spamming the group. Note that all the users can view your posts and get the message you are trying to convey.

Telegram group

Another method to make money on telegram is to create a telegram group. Unlike WhatsApp groups that can only contain about 250 people, except for those using the advanced version of WhatsApp. Telegram group gives you access to thousands of people because it has no maximum number of members that it can take.

How to earn money from telegram channels and telegram groups

Before I list all the tips to help you make money on telegram, I want you to note that while you are thinking of opening a telegram group or channel, remember to choose a niche. It will be better to narrow everything down to a particular niche, making you appear more like an expert in that niche.

Now that we have established that you need a telegram channel or a telegram group to make real money on telegram. Let’s look at everything you can do to make money on telegram channels or telegram groups to earn money.

Sell your product

The essence of creating the group or channel is to have an audience. When you have thousands of people on a telegram group or channel, you can easily post about your products for them to buy.
You can decide to do this a few times a week because if you keep posting products every day, your audience may lose interest and exit your group. Don’t forget that the main reason why people go on social media is to have fun, so try to make the group or channel fun.

Go into affiliate marketing

The second tip on how to make money on telegram is to promote another seller’s product in the group or channel, and if someone buys the product using the link that the seller gave to you, you will earn a commission. The amount of commission you earn depends on the product.

Accept paid ads

When you have built enough audience, brands will approach you to promote their products in your group. This is how celebrities earn money; they accept to promote a product in front of their large audience for a fee.

This differs from affiliate marketing because you will still get paid even if nobody buys from your group or channel. Because you are only being paid to promote the product, not to sell them.
But in affiliate marketing, someone has to buy a product using your link before you can earn a commission.

Build and sell a telegram group or channel

So many people are looking for ways to make so many people get to know them and their products, which is why I see a goldmine in the buying and selling of telegram groups and channels. The amount of money you sell to the group or channel depends on the number of people on it.

Not so many people know about this growing telegram market, so you can utilize it now and start buying smaller telegram groups with little money and growing it to many members before reselling it for a higher price.

Paid subscription

You don’t have to give out all the content in your group for free, and you can grant only those willing to pay for your premium content access to them. With this, people will start paying just to access what you have.

Remember, for anyone to pay for access to your content, you must have good-quality content. So before you ask members to pay for a subscription, ensure the content is worth paying for.

Earn money on telegram from uploading videos

The 6th tip on how to make money on telegram is through uploading videos. The telegram platform allows users to upload larger files of even more than 1GB. You can use this by uploading rare videos that you know people won’t be able to get anywhere else. It could be old movies, the latest movies, or some kind of rare movies.

Other ways to make money online


In this article, I have covered tips on how to make money on telegram. You can follow these tips and start earning on the telegram. Remember that telegram is not yet saturated with competition, so you can make it without many obstacles.

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