How to Sell on Etsy from Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

how to sell on etsy from nigeria

Are you looking for how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria? Or are you a Nigerian looking to open a business online and start making money? There are several ways of making money online, and I want to talk about one of the most unique of all, the Etsy global market.

Again, there are many online shops you can sign up for and start making a profit as a seller, but there is just something so different about Etsy. This is why I will share all I know on how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria and take you through your journey to success in this global market.

What is Etsy?

Before I go into full details on how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria, do you know what Etsy is all about? Etsy.Inc or is an E-commerce store or an online store owned by an American where buying and selling take place. Unlike so many online shops where people can buy and sell general products, offers sellers the opportunity to sell unique items that are customized.

How to Sell on Etsy from Nigeria
Image: Africa Items on Esty

Generally, the Etsy global market is known for its large collection of vintage items, handcrafts, customized baby items, clothing, jewelry, decoration pieces, and many other customized items.
There are different categories of goods on, which allows sellers to sell any item under these categories. Little wonder people search for how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria.

You can also have a storefront where you can always display your goods. Displaying goods on the Etsy global market cost only $0.20. But can a Nigerian sell on Etsy? Yes, a Nigerian can sell on Etsy only with a VPN because Nigeria region is eligible to sell on Etsy.

Etsy Payment in Nigeria

Remember that Etsy is an American E-commerce shop that cannot pay directly to your Nigerian bank account. So while you want to know how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria, have you considered how the money you make from this global market can get to your local bank account?

All you need to do is to open a Paypal account. With it, you can make any payment or withdrawal on Etsy. Paypal is generally safe and acceptable on the global market as a means of payment, so opening a Paypal account for your store on Etsy would be a plus. It is also very flexible.

How to Sell on Etsy from Nigeria and Make Money

Now, let’s talk about the most important part, where you start selling and making money on Etsy. To start selling and making money on Etsy, there are certain steps that you have to follow, and the good part is that these steps are simple and easy to follow. So if you want to know how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria and make cool money, keep reading. sign up

The first thing is to become a member of the global market. Because it’s an online marketplace, you cannot walk in just like the physical market and start buying or selling. You will need to sign up as a seller or a buyer, to become a part of the market.

how to sell on etsy from nigeria

Sign up as a seller on Etsy if you are determined to sell and make money there. I love that the signing-up process is free because so many of us usually get skeptical about signing up for anything requiring us to part with our money, especially something that we are not even sure of yet. You never paid to sign up for it, and if you don’t like what you see after the simple signup process, you can just walk away.

This is how to make an account on Etsy, to sell

  1. Install the Hola VPN extension on your Google chrome, or any other VPN extension. 
  2. Turn on the VPN and choose United States as location. Once this is set, it’s time to create your account. 
  3. Go to Etsy official page and click on ‘sign in.’ The sign in pop up will show just like the image above. Switch to register and get started. You can also choose to sign up with your Gmail, Facebook, or Apple account.
  4. You will be required to fill in certain details about yourself as a seller. Fill in the correct info. 
  5. Next, you will be asked to choose a brand name. I always advise people to go for a unique name, something catchy.
  6. Name your shop. Use this opportunity to make your shop stand out with a catchy name.
  7. Select the first product you want to sell and set up your Etsy shop.
  8. Add more products to your shop because the more your products, the better your chances of making more sales on Etsy.
  9. Choose your items carefully. Just like other online markets, there are lots of buyers on Etsy, but the most important thing is to find out the type of product that they are most interested in.

You can use the Etsy analytic tools to study your potential customer’s behavior on the platform and what items intrigue them. Etsy analytic tools come in handy for those looking for how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria. 

Although, I always advise people looking for how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria to choose their products themselves. There is one thing that I can tell you for sure, the products that sell faster on Etsy are customized products.

So if you want to sell faster on Etsy, sell something very unique. There are many markets for general goods and a limited market for customized products. Etsy is the largest market for customized goods, in my opinion, considering how much people make from selling customized goods there.

N/B: Ensure that your VPN is on all through the process. 

Set your price right for the competition

Remember that is a global market; there are lots of sellers from all over the world. So the buyers have many options; if your price is too high, they will look elsewhere.

Take your time to check out the price tags that your competitors placed on their products and set your price to attract more buyers, especially as a new seller on the Etsy market. This is one vital piece of information that many people searching for how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria ignore. But it is very important as it will give you a competitive advantage.

Drive more traffic to your Etsy shop

The last tip on how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria is to let everyone know about your Etsy shop. If more people visit your Etsy shop, chances are that you will make more sales. So you can talk about your Etsy shop on your social media pages and leave a link there for people to visit you.

You can also drive more traffic when you are visible to search engines. You can do this by optimizing the things you post using SEO techniques.

How much does Etsy cost to sell on

As a seller on Etsy, you are to pay a 3.5% charge on every sale. It may look small, but I think you should know about it as you are interested in how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria.

Pros of selling on Etsy

  • You have access to a large customer base
  • You can sell all kinds of customized articles
  • It is very easy to generate sales on

Cons of selling on Etsy

  • You are to pay a 3.5% charge on every sale
  • $0.20 is required before you can display goods on Etsy
  • You cannot use Etsy as a Nigerian without using a VPN because Nigeria IP cannot sell on Etsy.

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I hope that this article has answered all your questions about how to sell on Etsy from Nigeria. But if you still need further clarification, drop a comment for me, and I will be glad to get back to you.
Cheers to your success on Etsy.

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