Highest Paying Online Survey that Pays in Nigeria

Online survey that pays in nigeria

You are on the right page if you are looking for an online survey that pays in Nigeria. I have made a list of the 12 best online survey sites that you can join in Nigeria and make money.

In this era of technological advancement, many products, sites, and apps are getting developed daily. And their companies want people’s opinions on them to enable them to improve all their shortcomings and give their users the best. So if you want to make extra money answering little questions or doing little tasks online, let’s dive into my list of online surveys that pay in Nigeria.

Paid online surveys in Nigeria

Before I talk about the online survey that pays in Nigeria, I want you to remember that it’s not all surveys that you can carry out, and you may not be qualified to give your honest opinion on certain products, sites, or apps.

Another point to remember is that not all the sites claiming to offer paid surveys will pay you after carrying out a survey for them. This is why I have developed this comprehensive list of online survey that pays in Nigeria. The survey on my list can be trusted to give you the money you earn. But they can’t make you rich, so this is not a list of heavy cash-making sites.

In no particular other, the highest paying online survey that pays in Nigeria are;


This is one of the legit platforms where you can earn money by answering survey questions or carrying out little tasks such as playing games, watching videos, searching the web, etc. Swagbucks pay 30 – 150 SB per survey, and 100 SB equals N500. You can get paid through a gift card or PayPal account when you reach a payout threshold of 100SB or $1.


TimeBucks is known as one of the highest-paying survey sites because you can earn up to $2 from spending about 5 – 10 minutes answering questions and doing little tasks on the site. It pays $0.10 per survey, and you can get your pay as bitcoin, skrill, Netleller, Payeer, AiraTM, and bank transfer when you hit the payout threshold of $10.


SwitchedON offers surveys that are targeted at Africans. Although it’s a good place to get paid online survey jobs in Nigeria, it focuses on surveys only, so you won’t see little tasks like playing games or watching videos. The amount you are paid per survey depends on your country. 

Their payout method can be airtime, gift cards, and bill payment.


On the number 4 spot of my list of online survey that pays in Nigeria is WowApp. You can earn up to $1 or more per survey. You can also do little tasks online, such as watching videos and playing games. WowApp allows you to withdraw your earnings after a task, no matter how small.


Check out the 5th online survey on my list of online survey that pays Nigeria, Triaba. An international online survey platform allows Nigerians to conduct surveys and get paid without a VPN. You can earn up to $3 per survey, depending on the type of survey. Its payout method is PayPal or Gift cards, with a payout threshold of $8.


This legit online survey platform has been around since 1999 and still enriches people. You can earn up to $1 per survey. The only con of using SurveySavvy is that its payout method is only check. When you sign up for SurveySavvy, you get access to a wide range of tasks, and it also offers a low payout threshold of $1.


On the 7th spot of my list of online surveys that pay in Nigeria, I have Clixsense, formerly known as Ysense. It has become the favourite of many people in Nigeria as it offers a range of tasks you can complete and earn money. 

You can earn about $0.10 to $5 per task. Its payout method is Payoneer, Gift Card, Skrill, and PayPal.


This legit survey platform is a good place to earn bitcoin by taking a paid survey. It gives you access to complete a wide range of tasks and earn cryptocurrency, with a payout threshold of $3.5.


If you are looking for an online survey that will not waste time before paying you, SurveyTime is one of your best bets, as it pays without delay. You can earn up to $1 per survey, and it also has no payout threshold, so you can withdraw as little as $5.


On the number 10 spot of my list of online survey that pays in Nigeria, I have PaidViewPoint. An online survey platform that notifies you of any available survey job. You also get a sign-up bonus of $1 as a newbie, and it has a payout threshold of $15.


If you know how to express yourself without fear of being heard, then OpinionWorld is the survey platform for you. You earn points on this platform and exchange points for money, Gift card, and vouchers. You can earn up to 300 points per survey which take only 15 minutes.

I love this online survey because it has a quarterly prize of $10,000 that the members compete for. It has no payout threshold, and you can withdraw using Paypal or Bitcoin.

The Panel Station

Last but not least on my list of the highest-paying online survey that pays in Nigeria is The panel station, which is like a community of people participating in online surveys. This community has over 1.8 million members as of the time of compiling this list. You get email invites to complete a survey and earn points at least twice weekly.

It has a payout threshold of $5, and you can withdraw through eGift cards and PayPal. The minimum age on The Panel Station is 16.

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In this article, I have talked about the 12 online survey that pays in Nigeria. You can join about 5 or more of them to earn money from doing surveys and little tasks online. Remember to check out their payout methods before joining to ensure that you will be able to access your earnings in the long run.

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