How to Check Airtel Night Plan Balance | 2 Cheapest Plans

how to check airtel night plan balance

Are you an Airtel user looking for how to check Airtel night plan balance? You have come to the right page. Lots of people enjoy Airtel cheap night bundles but when it comes to checking the night plan balance, they always wonder how to go about it.

This is because the normal *140# used for checking data balance on Airtel is not effective in checking night plan balance. But you don’t have to keep dialing the wrong codes that were never meant for checking Airtel night plan balance anymore.

We are here to talk about the easiest and fastest way to check your Airtel night plan balance. So keep reading to find out how to check Airtel night plan balance.

New Update: As of 13th May 2023, MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile announced that there will be a harmonization of their codes for Airtime, Data, and other services. What this means is: you can use one code to check night plan balance on MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile. Instead of the procedure in this post, all networks will use one code.

Once this update is complete every other code will no longer work. These new shortcodes by NCC are to help users remember a single code instead of several codes. Until the harmonization is complete, the codes on this post on how to check Airtel night plan balance remains valid. Read on.

Airtel night plan

Before we go into how to check Airtel night plan balance, let’s take a look at what Airtel night data plan means and how to activate them. The Airtel night data plan is a night bundle that Airtel Nigeria allows its users to activate and enjoy low-tariff access to the internet.

When you subscribe to the Airtel night plan, you will be able to browse at midnight hours from 12:00 am to 5:00 am at a low cost. Subscribing with N25 will give you 250MB, and you can renew it when it gets exhausted.

You can get up to 2GB for a night, to browse and download those files that you don’t want to download during the day because they would exhaust all your precious data. But, it’s not all Airtel subscribers that are qualified for this night bundle.

For you to enjoy the Airtel night plan and be able to apply the tips we are going to share here on how to check Airtel night plan balance. You have to be on the Airtel Smart Trybe service. If you are not already on this service, you can migrate to it by dialing *312#, and selecting 1 to migrate to the Trybe service 

You can also subscribe to the Airtel YouTube night plan, which works just like the other Airtel midnight data plans. But you can only use Airtel YouTube night from 1:00 am to 5:00 am, and only on YouTube. You cannot use it to open other sites or apps on your phone. 

Also, unlike other Airtel midnight plans that you can only subscribe for each night, you can subscribe to the YouTube night bundles weekly or monthly. You just need to dial *323# to select the one you want. 

Airtel night plan 100 for 1GB

For most people searching for how to check Airtel night plan balance, they know what it means to enjoy up to 1GB for as low as N100. So before we tell you how to check Airtel midnight plan balance, let’s talk about how you too can enjoy this cheap data offer.

To subscribe and get this, dial *312# and send, select 3 to purchase 250MB for N25. You can keep activating this whenever you exhaust the N250MB up to 4 times. Which will amount to N100 for 1GB and N150 for 1.5GB.

Airtel night plan code for 25 naira 

Just in case you are not just wondering how to check Airtel night plan balance but also wondering how you can activate the Airtel night plan code for 25 Naira only. We have got you covered, read on to find out. 

The Airtel night plan code for 25 is *312#, follow the instruction menu and reply with 3 to activate the 250MB night bundle for N25

How to check Airtel night plan balance

This is how to check Airtel night plan balance after activation, to ensure that you have not exceeded your night bundle. 

  • Open your phone settings 
  • Click on data usage. From here, you can set the maximum data that you want to consume that night, and when it gets to that maximum data usage, it automatically disconnects you from the internet. Or alerts you on your data usage. On the other hand, you can just clear your data history and come back to check the amount of data you have consumed and minus it from the amount of data you subscribed for. 

How to check Airtel YouTube night data balance

Apart from the tips on how to check Airtel night plan balance, we also have a code to check the Airtel YouTube midnight plan balance. If you are looking for how to check YouTube night plan balance, dial *123*1#. And a message containing your YouTube night plan balance will pop up on your screen. 


Code to check Airtel night plan bundle

People keep searching for the Airtel night plan code for checking balance but there is no particular code to check Airtel night plan balance directly. And neither is there an Airtel night plan SMS code for checking balance. You can dial *140# to check Airtel data balances, but remember that it cannot show you your Airtel night plan balance. Follow the tips we have provided above on how to check Airtel night plan balance and you will be able to check your night plan balance. 


While so many people are waiting for Airtel Nigeria to release a new code to check night plan balance,  you can make use of the guidelines that we have provided here on how to check Airtel night plan balance. And keep enjoying your night browsing.    

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