eSIM Nigeria: How to get eSIM in Nigeria

How to get eSIM in Nigeria

Ever since telecommunication technology advanced to eSIM, lots of subscribers in Nigeria are searching for how to get eSIM in Nigeria. And with the massive interest people are showing in eSIM worldwide, it’s likely going to be the next big deal in the telecommunication industry. Especially with the recent statistics showing that eSIM users will most likely increase to 35% by 2025.

In 2020, the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) gave approval for telecommunication providers in Nigeria to begin the trial of eSIM in the country. Since then, lots of Nigerians have shown significant interest in owning one. This is why I want to tell you how you can become a part of the eSIM users in Nigeria. But before I go into details, do you know what eSIM is all about?

What is an eSIM?

The popular Subscribers Identity Module, SIM that we are all familiar with has to be inserted into a device. And whenever you want to change your network provider, you have to insert another SIM card from another network provider. But all these have changed with the new eSIM. ESIM simply means an embedded SIM. This means that the SIM is inbuilt into the phone, you cannot remove it. So, if you can’t remove it, how can you change your network provider when you get to a place with poor network coverage?

The eSIM allows you to save multiple profiles in your sim. So whenever you get to a place that will require you to change your profile to that of another network provider. You will be able to do it with ease, just a call to the agents. Now, you can travel from your country to another country without changing your sim card. You just have to switch network providers from the network provider in your region to the one in the region you traveled to.

With the traditional sim card, you have only one profile and one network provider. You cannot just port from one network to another as you like, but eSIM has made that possible today, which is why so many people want to know how to get eSIM in Nigeria.

Advantages of eSIM in Nigeria

Lots of Nigerians want to know how to get eSIM in Nigeria because of its numerous advantages, which are:

  • You have more than one phone number assigned to your eSIM, unlike the traditional sim with only one phone number. You also don’t have to travel with lots of phones to accommodate your numerous phone number and sim cards.
  • You don’t have to worry about damaging or losing your sim card because it is embedded inside your device. Like a part of your phone or device.
  • As a traveler, you don’t have to carry multiple sim cards or buy a sim card when you get to a particular place that your service providers do not cover. You just need to switch network providers.
  • Cutting of sim to fit into your device is a thing of the past.

Do we have eSIM in Nigeria?

Yes, eSIM is available in Nigeria and it is quite easy to get.

How to get eSIM in Nigeria

Now, let’s talk about how to get eSIM in Nigeria. The first step to getting an eSIM in Nigeria is to find network providers that support eSIM in Nigeria. It’s not all the network providers in Nigeria that support eSIM. Recently, Airtel Nigeria announced its intention to support eSIM in Nigeria. Other networks like MTN Nigeria and 9mobile also support eSIM in Nigeria.

The second step in how to get eSIM in Nigeria is to find phones and other devices that support eSIM. The eSIM technology is still new, and lots of gadgets out there have outdated systems that cannot support the new eSIM technology. This is why you have to find the right device that can support your eSIM.

As of the time of writing this article, there are lots of phones on the market that support eSIM. These are phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note series from Note20, S-series from S20, etc. Apple has announced that the new iPhone 14 models are strictly eSIM-supported phones. As the buyers in America report that they have no physical sim tray.

When you have selected the supported phone and network, the next step on how to get eSIM in Nigeria is to visit any of these eSIM-supported network offices and ask for eSIM activation.

How much is eSIM in Nigeria?

Another important detail for people searching for how to get eSIM in Nigeria is to ascertain the price. ESIM activation in Nigeria is free. You can read that again, no charge is required for you to get an eSIM in Nigeria.

FAQs on eSIM


I hope that I have answered your questions on how to get eSIM in Nigeria, is eSIM available in Nigeria, does eSIM work in Nigeria, and other questions. Remember, you cannot get an eSIM in Nigeria if your device does not support an eSIM. It is the first thing that your network providers check for whenever you go for eSIM activation. If you need further clarification on how to get eSIM in Nigeria, just reach out to me on the comment section. And I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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