Simplest Way To Load MTN Recharge Code for 17 Digit Pin, 16, 15, & 13

Mtn recharge code for 17 digit pin

The MTN recharge code for 17 digit pin has been changed from *555*…# to something new. Even the 16, 15, and 13-digit pins were affected. I’m sure you were surprised to see 10, 13, 15, and 17-digit recharge cards. The first time I saw it, I was surprised and thought it was fake, but it is real.  

In this post, I will be sharing with you the MTN recharge code for 17 digit pin as well as for the 16, 15, and 13-digit pins.

How Many Digits Is MTN Recharge Card?

Before now, we all knew that MTN recharge codes were always 16 digits. However, recent developments have brought about MTN recharge cards with 10, 13, 15, and 17 existing with the known 16-digit recharge cards. 

How To Recharge MTN Card

This is something that I suppose everyone on the MTN network knows. However, things have changed a little bit due to the introduction of recharge cards with longer and shorter digits than the known 16-digit recharge cards. 

The known method for loading any recharge card is to dial:

*Recharge code *recharge pin# 

For example, if you have an airtime of 16 digits,

You can recharge using any of the following codes:

Old code: *555*5793850284982640#

New code: *311*5793850284982640#

You can now recharge your line using *311*rechragepin#. This is the new directive from MTN as of 2nd, May 2023. At the time of writing this post, this cannot be found on the back of any MTN recharge card. 

MTN Recharge Code For 10-Digit PIN

Recharge codes for loading 10-digit pin recharge cards are different. The recharge code for loading 10-digit recharge cards is *3551* recharge pin#.

Here is how to do it:

  • Let’s say your recharge card pin is 0123456789.
  • Now dial: *3551*0123456789#.
  • Your line will be credited immediately with the exact amount of airtime.

New Code For Loading MTN Card

With the introduction of shorter and longer MTN recharge digits, you did want to know the MTN recharge code for 17 digit pin, 16 digits, 15 digits, 14 digits, and 10-digit recharge cards. Actually, the recharge codes for some of the recharge pins have changed from the normal *555* recharge pin number#

Though the *888* recharge pin number# for the Yafun Yafun bonus recharge remains the same for all-digit recharge. I’m sure not everyone likes the offer, so I will be sharing below the MTN recharge code for 17 digit pin, 16-digit, 15-digit, 13-digit, and 10-digit recharge cards.

MTN recharge codes for the 17-digit pin

If the recharge pin is 12345678901234567,

  • Dial *311*12345678901234567# 

MTN recharge code for a 16-digit pin

If the recharge pin is 0123456789098765,

  • Dial *311*12345678901234567# 

MTN recharge code for a 15-digit pin

If the recharge pin is 012345678987654,

  • Dial *311*12345678901234567# 

MTN recharge code for a 13-digit pin

If the recharge pin is 0123456789876

  • Dial *3551*012345678987# 

MTN recharge code for a 10-digit pin

If the recharge pin is 0123456789,

  • Dial *3551*0123456789#

How To Load MTN 15-Digit Card

Loading a 15-digit recharge card is still the same as loading the normal 16-digit recharge cards that we all know. All you have to do is dial the usual *555* recharge card pin# or the new code *311*rechargepin#. But if you want the Yafun Yafun bonus, which offers you 5x your recharge, you should use the *888* recharge card pin#.

Check out the illustration below: 

If the recharge pin is 012345678987654

Dial *311*12345678901234567# 



With this post, you should be able to load recharge cards with 17 digits, 16 digits, 15 digits, 13 digits, and even 10 digits. So the next time it is sold to you, don’t say it is fake; you did still get the same balance after recharging it. 

The recharge codes are still the same for 17, 16,15, and 13 digits; the only change is the one for a 10-digit recharge card, which involves using 3551 instead of the popular 555 or 888 for an Awoof recharge. I hope you now know the MTN recharge code for 17 digit pin recharge cards and others with shorter digits. Visit again for more useful updates.

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