How to Use MTN data Bonus | 2023 New Codes

how to use mtn data bonus

If you are looking for how to use MTN data Bonus, I will be sharing the exact steps you should take to achieve this. MTN sometimes gift their customers data and even airtime bonuses on large recharges.

Now the question among people is: how do I use it? Some people find it very difficult, while others believe that anything bonus is not real. But that is not true. 

MTN does give data bonuses, and you can actually use them to access the internet like your normal bundle subscription. While some bonuses may only be for social media access alone, you can see which one was sent to you from the bonus SMS sent to you by MTN or by checking your bonus balance by dialing *310#.

To get an MTN bonus, sometimes it may be necessary that you dial some codes while recharging your line. These codes are called data bonus codes.

Here in this post, I’ll be showing you some updates on how to use MTN data bonus.

MTN Bonus Airtime Code

It’s usual for MTN to gift you a data or airtime bundle when you purchase a sufficient amount of airtime or you purchase frequently. However, there are other ways through which you can get airtime or data bonuses by just dialing a simple code.

Here’s how to get an airtime bonus by simply adding some codes before your recharge card pin. You did get 6X on all your recharges. Meaning, when you recharge up to N200 of MTN airtime with the code, you will get a N1200 airtime bonus. Amazing, isn’t it?

When you buy a recharge card you intend to load, simply dial the *888* recharge pin#, instead of the normal *311* recharge pin#. Once you recharge with a code, you are sure to get six times your recharge.

MTN Data Bonus Code

This post focuses on how to use the MTN data bonus, but that wouldn’t be complete without information on how to get the bonus itself.

The MTN data bonus is not something you can just dial a code to get. The logic is simple: spend more time on calls and buy more airtime and data. The more or bigger you buy, the better your chance of getting free data bonuses. If you are someone who recharges up to N1000 of airtime at a time, you did be receiving plenty of airtime and data bonuses.

With all being said, let’s find out other ways on how to use mtn data bonus. Here’s how it works: instead of paying for data subscriptions with the normal *312#, which is somewhat expensive, you can get data offers at bonus prices by dialing the two codes below. Though the validity period can sometimes be very short with those offers, they are still well worth it.

Buy 200MB for N50, valid for 7 days

Buy 1GB of data for N200, valid for 7 days

1.5gb data for N300 valid for 14 days. 

Get all these or more by dialing *567# or *121# to check the available data offers for you.

When Can I Use My MTN Bonus Data?

Once you receive the bonus SMS from MTN, you can start using your bonus. On how to use your MTN bonus, there are no two ways to do it. On your data and start using it. You can actually dial *310# to check your data bonus balance.

Note that when you receive MTN bonus SMS, you should look out for the expiry date. This is so that you can get as many things done online as you want before the code expires and becomes totally useless.

An expired bonus is not useful anymore and can’t be used to access the Internet. I guess that’s the main downside of data bonuses. Most data bonuses given by MTN don’t actually last long before they expire; the longest I’ve seen is 14 days. I don’t know about you.

How Do I Use My Beta-talk Data Bonus?

Beta Talk is an MTN tariff plan that’s known to give lots of airtime and data bonuses. Once you recharge your airtime, you will automatically receive three times your recharge. This sometimes comes with bonus data.

In order for you to enjoy this service, you need to migrate to the betaTalk tariff plan. To do that, simply text “BT” to “312” or dial *123*2*6# and start enjoying these bonuses. Once you have done that recharge for N100 and above, you will get three times your recharge and data bonus, which you can use to browse the Internet till it finishes or expires.

Other answers on how to use mtn data bonus

Bottom Line

MTN data bonuses usually come with airtime recharges, either because you recharged a large amount or used some bonus data codes to recharge. It is pertinent to note that some bundles come with limitations; some may only be for social bundle bonuses, while others might be for browsing all websites.

So, you’ve learned how to use mtn data bonus, you should check out other articles on MTN self services below. 

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