How to Unshare Data on MTN Line | Easy Method

how to unshare data on mtn

Want to know how to unshare data on MTN? Data sharing is a situation where two or more people use the same data from a single SIM.

Here’s how it is: Mr. A buys data and makes Mr. B a beneficiary of the data. Mr. B will use Mr. A’s data until it finishes. Even when another purchase is made by Mr. A, they continue sharing the same data until Mr. A removes Mr. B as a beneficiary of his data.

Now straight to the question: how to unshare data on Mtn.

Sometimes, you may have made someone a beneficiary of your data because you wanted to help but forgot to remove the person afterward. Here’s what happens: Your data finishes very quickly, as you two will use it simultaneously until you remove the person.

You might have done that long ago but forgot. Now, you are paying heavily for it. You might not even have shared data with anyone, but you feel like someone is probably using your data with you, and that’s why it finishes fast. Your next search on Google will be “How to unshare data on MTN” or “How to know who is sharing my data with me.” Let me show you how to do this with just a few simple steps.

How To Know When Someone Is Sharing Your Data On MTN

The topic says how to unshare data on MTN. However, before getting to the root of a problem, it’s best to know what caused it in the first place. This will help you be careful in the future and direct you on how to solve it completely.

Here is how to know if someone is sharing your data on MTN: Dial no codes; reduce watching TikTok and Instagram videos. You are the only one using your data. There’s no way to know if someone is sharing your data for now.

How To Stop Sharing Data

One precaution to take note of is to stop sharing data with people. This way, your data may last longer if you don’t exhaust it on online videos or hotspot people.

Unlike Glo, MTN does not offer this service. The only thing you can do is transfer data from your balance to another MTN user. Nobody shares your data with you simultaneously; it’s only you unless you transfer or share your hotspot with another person who is not necessarily an MTN user.

How To Check Data Transfer History On MTN

There are three approaches to keeping track of the last data transfers. Follow these steps.

Check Your Data Usage Using MyMTN App

Log in on the myMTN app and look for the data usage history to view how you’ve been using your data. If you don’t have the app, go to the Play Store, install it, and sign up.

Check Data Balance

You can check how much data you have left by dialing *131*4#. Somehow you should be able to find out the amount of data you’ve spent right from when and how much you bought. Just do the math.

Check On Settings On Your Phone

  • Go to the settings on your phone.
  • Click on “network connection.”
  • Now select “SIM card and mobile networks.”
  • The last option shown to you should be “Data Usage.” Click on it.
  • You did see clear information on how you’ve been spending your data on various apps.

N/B:┬áThere’s little or no way to track your data transfer history; you can only check for data usage. The little there is, you calculate how much you bought minus how much you transferred to a recipient. Simple!

How To Unshare Data On MTN Code

Since there’s nothing like data sharing on MTN, the only MTN recognized data sharing is when you transfer a certain amount of data from your balance and send it to another MTN user.

So, there’s nothing to talk about on how to unshare data on MTN using a code. Don’t fall for deceit online; you can only use the share data service on the GLO network.

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Bottom Line

MTN is yet to offer data sharing services. The only known MTN data share is transferring data from your balance to the recipient, unlike the real data share on the GLO network, where you only dial codes to add someone as the beneficiary of your data. The data is consumed simultaneously by the sharer and the recipient.

If you feel your data finishes quickly, reduce; watching online videos and downloading videos. This can help cut costs. You can also turn on data saving on your phone if it has the option. I hope you understand now. Visit again for more useful updates.

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