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how to send please call me on mtn

Are you looking to learn how to send please call me on MTN. If yes, you are on the right track.

MTN’s “Call Me Back” is a special feature on MTN that allows MTN customers to send short messages to other MTN users for free. 

This initiative can also be termed a savior in case of emergency if you don’t have airtime on your phone. All you have to do is pick up your phone and dial the call-me code to send the message to the MTN number you want to call. This is so that they can give you a call since you don’t have or are unable to get airtime.

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to send “please call Me” on MTN. Before that, let’s take a look at some important information about MTN Please Call Me.

  1. You can only send any of these five messages with it:
    • Please call me.
    • Call me; I have a gist for you.
    • Send me credit.
    • Call back; I need your assistance.
    • Call me back; I love you.

    2. You can only send “Please call me” to an MTN number (MTN to MTN only)

    3. The “Please call me” feature can only be used five times daily on a single mobile line

    4. It is free of charge.

    5. Once sent, the receiver receives a message conveying the message, and you are also alerted that you’ve sent a message.

How To Send Please Call Me Back On MTN In Nigeria

Similar to what I mentioned in the second paragraph of this post, the main purpose why MTN added this feature was to help customers who would like to phone their contacts but are unable to do so due to a low credit balance. This helps send a message to such persons to give you a call instead. 

If you want to know how you can make use of it, follow the step-by-step process on how to send please call me MTN:

  • Dial *133# on your phone.
  • Input the recipient’s phone number 
  • Now, you will be shown a list of five different types of call-me messages you can send:
  1. Please call me.
  2. Call me back; I love you.
  3. Send me credit.
  4. Call me back; I have a gist for you.
  5. Call me; I need your assistance.

Now, reply with anyone you would like to send to the recipient.

Once you’ve done that, you will be notified that your message has been sent. That’s it!

MTN Flash Code

Having learned how to send “please call me on MTN,” learning how to place a “flash call” can also come in handy as an alternative to getting someone to call you instead if you don’t have airtime on your phone. 

This, unlike the “Please call me” feature, involves you causing the person you want to speak to on the phone’s phone line to only ring for a very short time. Hence, alerting the person to call you. 

This feature was added by MTN a couple of years ago and is aimed at improving customer service. Lots of people are still trying to grasp what this feature is all about and how to use it; some even ask questions like, “What is MTN flash code?” 

Actually, there’s no code anywhere for this at all. Here’s to do it;

  • Place a call with your MTN line that has a zero or extremely low credit balance.
  • MTN will reply to you with a voice saying: “Dear customer, you do not have sufficient credit to complete this call.” We will send a beep call to this number. Press 1 to borrow N50 xtratime or dial *904*airtime amount# to buy airtime directly from your bank. 
  • Once you’ve heard this, you can end the call. After like 30 seconds, you did receive an SMS saying you had sent a beep call to that particular number. 
  • The person’s phone will receive an incoming call, which will ring for a very short time so as to alert or trigger the person to call you.

MTN Call Me I Love You Code

Call me, I love you is one of the five messages you can choose to send to a recipient. The method of sending this message is almost the same as the general method I explained earlier on how to send “Please call me on MTN.” Nevertheless, here is how to send it:

  • Dial *133#
  • Input the recipient’s phone number.
  • Now, reply with 2 of the 5 message types listed.

That’s it!

Please Call Me Code

Please call me; is the first of the five messages you can send to a recipient. The procedures for sending this are also almost the same as the general method. Anyways, here’s how to send please call me on MTN:

  • Dial *133#
  • Input the recipient’s phone number.
  • Reply with one of the five message types listed.

It’s done!


MTN “Please Call Me” is an initiative created to improve communication among MTN users. This can help you reach someone even if you don’t have airtime on your phone or are in an area where it’s not easy to get airtime. You can text the person you want to call, “Please call me back,” to ask them to call you instead. 

I hope you now know how to send Please call me on MTN. Visit again for more useful updates.

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