How to Roll Over Unused Data on MTN: Easy Guide

How to Roll Over Unused Data on MTN

How to roll over unused data on MTN is something many MTN users find very difficult to do. If you are in the same shoes, read this post for a detailed guide.

MTN data roll over is an MTN service that allows customers whose unexhausted data plan has expired to roll over to the next month following a new subscription.

Here’s a simple example of how to roll over unused data on MTN:

Let’s assume you subscribed to N1200 for monthly data on the 6th of last month, and today is the 5th; you have yet to exhaust the data in the few hours remaining. 

Here’s what you should do on how to roll over unused data on MTN for another month: Buy a new subscription a day before the expiration of the previous subscription. This way, MTN will roll over the unused data to the next month, and it will be added to your new data subscription. 

The new subscription does not necessarily have to be the same as the old one; it may be cheaper or even more expensive. However, it must be a monthly subscription like the previous one.

How to roll over unused weekly data on MTN

It’s not only the monthly plan that can be rolled over on MTN. You can also roll over other data bundles, like the daily plan, weekly plan, YouTube, and social bundle. If you want to know how to roll over your unused weekly data plan on MTN, the answer is simple and short; Just renew your weekly subscription before the expiration date and time of your previous data subscription. 

Note that it has to be the same plan; weekly data can only be rolled over with a weekly plan, not other plans. The important thing to remember is the data you subscribed to on the previous plan, though sometimes MTN may use an SMS to remind you to roll over unused data before it expires.

How to retrieve unused data

After asking how to roll over unused data on MTN, there’s another question MTN users ask: how do I retrieve unused data? 

The cause of this question is when your data subscription expires, even with a higher percentage of unused, and you could not roll over with a renewal before the expiry date. 

Well, there’s no way you can retrieve such unused data; just know it’s gone. All you have to do is take precautions next time. I usually advise that you set your subscription to auto renewal; this way, it automatically renews itself. Hence, the previous data balance is added to the new renewal. 

Also, before the data expiration, MTN may send you an SMS telling you to renew your plan to avoid losing your unused data.

MTN data roll over grace period

Here’s another question being asked by many MTN users: Is there any grace period to roll over my subscription before my plan expires?

Of course, MTN knows that sometimes one may forget to renew a subscription on time while still having a lot of unused data. So, they give you a grace period, usually a short one, to renew your subscription and roll over any unused data. 

Although it largely depends on the kind of data plan you subscribe to, sometimes there might be no grace period, so it’s better to renew before the expiration date to be safe.

Nevertheless, here’s a possible rollover grace period for each subscription plan:

Daily plan: 1 day or even hours Weekly plan: 3 days or less Monthly plan: maximum of 1 week (maybe less)

How to roll over expired data on MTN Nigeria

How to roll over unused data on MTN is a simple and possible thing. However, rolling over expired data on MTN is not really possible. There’s actually no way you can do that. 

It is therefore pertinent to renew your subscription before your previous subscription’s expiry date to be safe and avoid losing lots of unused data. This is exactly why setting your data subscription to automatic renewal is so important. 

With it, you wouldn’t have to worry about your data subscription expiring or not. Once it’s almost time to expire, MTN will renew your subscription and therefore roll over your previous data plan, adding everything together.

FAQ on MTN data


The procedures on how to roll over unused data on MTN are straightforward. You have to renew your subscription to the same data plan before the expiration date of your previous subscription. This can help avert losing lots of unused data. 

All you have to note is that you can only roll over unused data with the same plan; may be lesser or higher in sum, but it must have the same validity period. I hope you now understand how to roll over unused data on MTN

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