How to Migrate to MTN True Talk + Bonuses

How to migrate to MTN true talk

Are you looking to learn how to migrate to MTN True Talk tariff plan? Look no further, as this post will take you through all the processes as well as explain all the other things you may want to know about the True Talk Tariff Plan.

MTN’s “true talk” tariff plan is one of the most popular, and the reason is not far-fetched due to the values and benefits it offers. Some of these benefits include low call rates, good SMS rates, data and airtime bonuses upon recharge, and interesting value-added services (VAS). 

In this article, I will be sharing with you information on how to migrate to MTN True Talk as well as other information about the True Talk tariff plan.

How To Migrate To MTN True Talk

Migrating to MTN’s true talk tariff plan is very simple and easy. Plus, there are a number of alternatives on how to migrate to MTN True Talk tariff plan. Migrating to MTN True Talk gives you many amazing offers, especially regarding airtime bonuses and free talk time. Follow any of the below processes on how to migrate to MTN true talk to migrate to the tariff plan:

Using ussd

  • Dial *400#

Using myMTN app

  • Open the myMTN app on your phone.
  • On the interface, select “other plans.”
  • Select true talk from the list. 

Using myMTN web

  • Visit 
  • Input your phone number to receive an OTP.
  • Type in your OTP.
  • Click on your phone number.
  • Tap on “My plan”
  • Click on “other plans.”
  • Choose true talk.

Using SMS

  • Open your messaging app.
  • Text TT to 131.

Differences Between True Talk And Beta Talk

MTN True Talk and Beta Talk tariff plans are often confused as being the same or for each other. However, the two have different tariff plans, and their offers are different. 

The reason why both plans are confused for each other by Nigerians can be attributed to the suffix “talk.” Though their offers are somewhat similar, both give plenty of airtime bonuses. To further differentiate these two:

On the True Talk tariff plan, you are charged 11.26 k/s after being charged a daily access fee of N10. MTN Beta Talk charges more but offers more bonuses. The call rate for beta talk is N31.5k/s from your normal balance and 73k/s for airtime bonus balance after being charged N42.38 for the first minute of the day. You also get a 250% bonus on every recharge from N100 and above and up to a 150% bonus on a lesser recharge. 

MTN True Talk Call Rates

Before you learn how to migrate to MTN True Talk tariff plan, it is important that you know their call rates so as to know if they match your budget. 

Actually, MTN True Talk is known to offer one of the best call rates out of all MTN tariff plans. The call rate on True Talk is 11.26k/s and comes with a daily access fee of N10, which is charged when you make your first call of the day.

MTN True Talk Bonuses

Unlike Beta Talk, MTN’s true talk tariff plan is not known to offer many bonuses as they are offering their subscribers reduced call rates. However, with MTN True Talk, you get to receive 10 MB of free data every month after your first call.

Differences Between MTN Pulse And True Talk

MTN Pulse and true talk are both very good tariff plans especially due to their reduced call rates. Plus, they both offer data bonuses to their subscribers. 

However, there is still a certain distinction between these two tariff plans. MTN pulse gives more data bonuses and offers lots of cheap bundles you can subscribe to.  

Also, unlike True Talk, there is no daily access fee charged. True Talk, on the other hand, has fewer data offers but offers more free talk time. Notwithstanding, both are among the best tariff plans.

MTN True Talk Data Plans 

True Talk offers many data plans, including daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, YouTube, social, night, and other cheap bundles. To subscribe to any of these plans, dial *131#. You can get data for as little as N50 for 40 MB, as well as other plans for a similar price.


Bottom Line

The processes on how to migrate to MTN True Talk as explained in this article are easy, and there are different alternatives to them. MTN True Talk is a good plan that is best for anyone looking for reduced call rates. For me, it is one of MTN tariff plans with the best rates and cheap data bundles. I hope you now know how to migrate to MTN True Talk. Visit again for more useful updates. 

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